Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A woodland walk, a car boot and some more brooches

Last weekend i joined my mum and my girls for a beautiful walk in the local woods near to her house. The weather was crisp and dry and the autumnal colours so stunning. I love walking through forests at any time of year but the deep carpet of leaves beneath out feet was just amazing.
My mother, as usual, set a nature trail for us. We were to find or see something for each letter of the alphabet. This is how we got on....

flower ( and a great footprint)

great tit
keys (sycamore)
mud (and moss)
old mans beard
roots (which we kept tripping over as they were hidden beneath the leaves)
sedge (and sheep)

trees ( particulary beech trees as it is a beech wood)
x sign (x marks the spot)
yellow leaves ( yes cheating i know)
z ( ?)

I think we did ok.. it was a lovely walk and just what i needed!

We got home just before it started raining.

This Sunday i went to a local car boot and found amongst other things some sweet Beatrix Potter books (my youngest collects them).

There were along with The Tailor of Gloucester and Squirrel Nutkin, some with which i am unfamiliar;
The Tale of Mr Tod, Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes and The Tale of Little Pig Robinson.
I will keep them for her for Christmas.

I sometimes call my youngest 'Hunca Munca', though she isn't really very naughty.

I have also been making more flower brooches. I really love making these, especially choosing all the colour and fabric combinations. Alice is at a Charity Fundraising evening tonight and has taken some of these and other bits and bobs to sell. She has just telephoned me to say that she has won a bottle of Champagne from the raffle. Now i wish i had gone! She also says the turquoise brooch has sold. I knew it would but was half hoping it would end up on my jacket.
Still i could make some more?

The rest of the week will now be focusing on finishing the text for the book. This requires a different type of concentration than with the pattern drafting and sewing and above all requires copious cups of tea and lots of chocolate!!
Thank you for all your comments on the last post... please be assured that although busy i am at the moment keeping all my 'balls' in the air.. i am being kind to myself and taking time to chill and part of this is doing a post, as is catching up with all your blogs.


Kitty said...

Stunning brooches and beautiful pictures. I hope Alice will share the champagne with you!

Take care :-) x

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful brooches and photos Ginny. I love those bright crisp November days (we need some more!!!). For z could you not have put all the zzzzz you probably had that evening after all the fresh air? (A very feeble attempt, I admit). My oldest daughter use to love Beatrix Potter and we both loved Hunca Munca
Kim x

Heidi said...

So nice to meet you Ginny. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am glad to have been able to provide you with sewing music.

I love the idea of your nature trail with the alphabet. How fun! What a beautiful time of year to be out in the woods too. We have a cottage right by the woods and it is a great joy just to sit and look out the window there.

Looking forward to more visits...

~~ Heidi ~~

farmingfriends said...

An alphabet nature trail what a great thing to do. What fun. I think I will use this idea when out and about with my neice and nephew. Thanks for sharing this super idea. Sara from farmingfriends

tash said...

Your walk looks lovely. There is nothing on this Earth like English countryside. It is wonderful.

The brooches are very striking and would look lovely on anyone's lapel/ coat/ bag.

Have you read the Potter story of the naughty kitten who got rolled up in roly-poly pudding by a rat and almost eaten? I love that some of her books are very dark in nature. If that doesn't tell little ones they should not sneak out from the protection of their mother, nothing will!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Ginny,

The walk sounds like a lot of fun and you did well with the alphabet.

I love the Beatrix Potter books ~ my favourite since I was little is The Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle.

Your brooches are beautiful. Good luck with the text for your book.

Marie x


Lovely photos Ginny and what a great fun nature trail in the woods, and lovely to see a photo of your girls too. I love Beatrix Potter but must confess to not reading the text but just loving the illustrations, I so wish I could draw and paint. Great finds at the boot, no signed first editions? I like your brooches, tres chic. Take time from work to relax. x

Jane said...

Tash mentions Tom Kitten in the roly poly pudding with Samuel Whiskers and Anna Maria - this is one of my favourites - partly because of the dirtyness of the dumpling.
I knew an elderly woman when I was little who gardened a lot and claimed that the only way she could get her nails clean was to make bread.
It was very good bread with proper butter and homemade strawberry jame but it always reminded me of Tom Kitten's dumpling. We had very good immune systems.
I find that as soon as I sound busy in my blog people are very kind and worried about whether I am getting enough rest. . . . a blog seems to make me seem far more productivethan I am in real life.
I love the sold brooch.
Thanks for the suggestions about the stall - I tend to keep the last of an item anyway so I think that I shall just pin "orders taken" tags to them if it gets to that point (not I am worried I won't sell!)

Joanna said...

That is such a good idea for a nature trail, I will have to try it. Love thr brooches good luck with the words

nĂ  said...

wow, that sounds like an amazing walk, and so much fun! i want to try playing that alphabet game some time too!

and your brooches are so lovely!!!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there, you can't beat a good woodland walk, itdoes the soul the world of good doesn't it? I admire the way you manage to keep all your "balls" up in the air,your a star! Best Wishes from Annie x

caireen said...

Hi! - I'm not a 'brooch' kind of girl (button fear, no, really)..but I Like these - stylish! Have a good weekend, Cx

Katherines Dream said...

Thank you for popping in to see me, now that I have found your delightful blog I will have to save you in my Fav's........
Love the alphabet walk idea!

Nicky said...

Hi Ginny, I'm loving those brooches, they are sooooo pretty x

OhSoVintage said...

What a lovely walk. I especially like the photo of the footprint!

ally said...

A short note to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Ginny
My blog walk brought me to yours today and what a delightful blog it is to!
There is a calmness and serenity about it which if very refreshing!
I loved the tale of Two Bad Mice and wrote my own version of it when I was a child about two wooden dolls who lived in a dolls house..
I hope all goes well with your charming products on NOTH!

Florence said...

Hi Ginny

Just thought I'd pop by and say that I hope you are having a lovely December and that the work on your book has gone/is going well (and the accompanying chocolate consumption, of course!).

Florence x
(Gosh, it could almost be an imposter that message was so unusually short! Perhaps I'm sickening for something!!!).

Suzie Sews said...

every time I pop over here I just see the most beautiful pictures, I ove the wood ones...Oh I just want to pull my wellies on and get out there...


Hi Ginny, are we going to get another post from you before Xmas, I keep popping over to see. This is probably a silly question as you must be so busy at this time of year with all the projects you have on the go. If we don't hear from you, I hope you and your family have a lovely Xmas, I appreciate all your lovely comments on my blogs and I hope we can keep in touch in 2008. Louise x

chickadee said...

beautiful photos. we love nature walks.


Happy New Year to you and your family Ginny, I do like your blog, hope you can keep up with the pace of blog, work, family and garden next year, I know I am going to struggle, must spend more time on the garden, hope not to on work though! Louise x