Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer fun

Despite the weather being pretty crappy we do have some summer fun to report.
Our little camping trip went well and most importantly the tent went up on a sunny day and thankfully was packed up on a dry day too. So no tedious airing it in the back garden when we got home!

We stayed on the east coast of the Isle of Wight this year and explored from there. We didn't plan each day rigidly but rather let them unfold gently. This worked so well and kept everyone happy. The girls were a delight and we all enjoyed this holiday and easily adopted a much slower pace.

The first day was a scorching beach day, with deckchairs, picnic, warm sand, swimming and ice cream.

We also made it to the garlic farm this year and the lavender farm.

Elephant garlic flowers.

lavender farm

A fantastic time was shared with friends here at a fabulous Medieval day. There were demonstrations and activities for the whole family. We all had a go at archery, watched some Medieval dancing and talked to the costumed exhibiters about Medieval life from herbs and food to dress and latrine pits. The company who run these events have a website which has some great links on and this event is planned at the end of August too. Looks great!? I was particularly drawn to these as you would imagine...

Medieval poppet dolls made from wool and linen and stuffed with moss.

Many hours also were spent looking out to see and waiting to catch the waves as they crashed over the rocks. So exhilerating!

waiting to get wet!

and finally here is a photo of a friendly tiny rabbit who with it's friend were seen nibbling leaves just 50 yards from our tent. The girls were over the moon to see wild bunnies so close.

They are so desperate for a pet and now that i am going to be at home more we are looking...
there is a possibility of a friends kittens (they are sooo sweet!) but we think R is allergic to cats. We have arranged to borrow one when they are a bit bigger (only 4 weeks old now) to check. Although we may not need to as black cat appeared on our doorstep last week wanting to get in... it has been back a few times and when i got home at 12.30 the other evening there was a loud miowing ... we are so soft that we let her come in. She (we think it's a girl ) had a look around, brushed up against our legs in that affectionate moggy kind of way and went upstairs and curled up on the end of the girls bed and settled down. It was like she had always done that. We both think that she is here for a reason.. maybe she is a magic cat says my eldest, come to test daddy's allergy. I have always loved black cats.

We made her a bed and let her sleep downstairs. She went off a little reluctantly in the day and appeared back last night and appeared hungry. We fed her outside the back door and then another black cat appeared! almost identical. Our feeling is that some folks may be on holiday and that she is being fed but wants some petting (although she did seem hungry). She is very friendly. She has no collar but i understand that cats can be microchipped nowadays. I have a contact of a local cat protection lady and i hope to talk to her today. I would be gratefully if anyone has any advice on this and on cat allergies too. I will let you know what happens.

Nearly the weekend. Hope yours are good.
Will be back soon with book news... very exciting as it is nearly September!
ginny x


Pipany said...

Hello Ginny. It's good to see you back and your holiday pics are just lovely. I would so love to visit a lavander farm, especially in light of the dismal weather which has almost ruined our own lavender crop. Ah well, at least we got to the beach yesterday for a bit xx

Gigibird said...

My neighbour who is ex Cats Protection says you should look to see if the cat looks groomed and well cared for. Young cats are always hungry.

Responsible owners should micro-chip their pets but not everyone does....

Apparently black cats are the hardest to re-home as most people want ginger or tabbies....

There is a saying that you own a dog but only feed a cat.....the other thing is if the cat comes from a household with very small children who are rough with him he might of elected to re-home himself!!

pebbledash said...

Hi Ginny, lovely holiday pics and tales. I don't know as much about cats as I do dogs....but agree with Gigibird re rehoming black cats (it's the same for dogs) and all owners should microchip, cats and dogs.

Happy weekend to you all!
Diana xx

raining sheep said...

Wow, the Isle of Wight! It sounds so exotic to me. I have always heard it is a stunning place. Beautiful pictures of the environmnnet there. I have my white cat, Tencents, and love her very much. She was a rescue cat and she has the microchip and a tatoo in her ear...I don't really let her outside except on the patio when I am there in attendance.

Sal said...

Glad you had a good time..good job you didn't choose Devon as we have hardly had any sun at all !! ;-)

this is my patch said...

So glad you have had some fun days out, I like the sound of the Worst Days Out In History event coming up. I wouldn't ever turn down the chance of a trip to a lavender or garlic farm, I must get to one someday? No tents and sleeping on the floor for me these days, I wouldn't be able to move in the morning! I am sure the girls loved it though and also sharing their space with the little bunnies too. I'd love a cat, I shall have one, one day! x