Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kittens and a blog date....

This week i have been frantically cleaning and tidying... i had some very important guests arriving on Wednesday. Alice joked that they would not notice what a clean house i had and that there is now no 'stuff ' under the dresser and cupboards. I don't think they have noticed but i am so pleased i took the time to de - clutter and get straight before the arrival of these two lively 5 month old boys.

The kitten we were going to have did not happen... the family wanted to keep all 3 of the litter in the end. We had been visiting for 8 weeks and i was so worried that the girls would be upset that i telephoned the cat protection lady who i met when we looked after Fizz. She had five feral kittens... still tiny and only five weeks old. They were coming on well but she advised that it may not be the best option for us as they were so nervous.

On Saturday just as i was leaving to meet Diana, the CP lady called and said that they has two 5 month old black cats who had been found in a dustbin... and were we interested in adopting two. They were so friendly when we met them that we said yes please and then collected them yesterday. I even got carried away and made them a bed ... and then thought it's a bit tiny so made them both one.

...still a bit tiny as i made it before i got the cats. They do love them though and have been snuggled up in them today. This is Paws in his or 'scratchy' Paws as we have nicknamed him as he likes to scratch the furniture. I am so chuffed they like their beds as i half suspected them to take no interest at all.

The check fabric was given to me last week by a family friend and the wadding and fleecy lamb fabric was left over from folkydokee, so they cost me next to nothing to make. We never did know what to use the lamb fabric for but bought it on a whim (Alice's whim ... a long standing joke between us) as ex mill stock. We had loads of it... now most of it has been donated to our local schools, but luckily i had a bit left over to use.

They kittens are very cute and so affectionate and the girls love them. They just want to play with them all the time and don't want to go to bed. As the boys are so close it is fun to watch them play fighting and chasing their tales... hours of fun. They are also very hungry.
This is Magic who seems to be the greediest.

As well as the excitement of new kittens, i had the excitement of finally meeting Diana from Pebbledash. I set off on Saturday for Shere with a map. Even though it is fairly close to me i have never been. I didn't actually look at the map as i prefer to work it out , thinking i have a good sense of direction but actually i now finally admit that i haven't. Yes i got lost. I was very nervous, half expecting a 6 foot builder called Ray, although i had spoken to her the previous night and she did not sound like a bloke. phew! Finally i met Diana outside the Lucky Duck tearoom. She looked lovely and all smiley and i instantly felt at ease. We sat outside as it was a beautiful day and we ordered a large pot of tea and started chatting...
It is strange knowing someone but not knowing them if you know what i mean. I love Diana's blog and photos and her gentleness and kindness... i was so wanting us to get on and we did. I really hope we can meet up again soon. She gave me 3 pieces of stamped sea glass .. one for me and the other two for the girls and some of her beautiful printed cards... thank you again Diana.... we love them.

The afternoon was great but we didn't see much of the village which has been used in many films including The Holiday because it is so picturesque, as we just sat and talked. I think Diana took some photos of the ducks whilst waiting for me but i only took a photo of the sky as we were saying goodbye. Thank you again Diana... it was so good to meet you and please lets do it again. And to everyone else a big sky kiss from me to say thank you. I am so pleased i started to blog as i am richer for all your friendships.


Petticoat Lane said...

How cute are those boys? No wonder the girls don't want to go to bed! By the way, did they approve of the cleanliness of their new abode?
Aren't some people cruel. My first ever cat was found in a cardboard box on the side of the canal so that if it stepped out it would drown! It was only a few weeks old. Luckily someone found it and her and 'Mittens' was showered with love during my childhood.
Jane. x

pebbledash said...

Hi Ginny, Magic and Paws look like they've settled in well. I love their beds - they must feel so snuggly and toasty in their new home. I had a WONDERFUL time with you last saturday, and wish you weren't so far away. Still, at least you're in the only part of the country I visit regularly! I'm back in Cornwall, and recovering from all the driving and socialising....Happy weekend to you all. Love Diana X

Miss sew n sew said...

Nice to meet you Paws and Magic I bet they are loving their new home and cosy specially made beds after their last residence a dustbin arrh poor things. They look adorable and very happy little charactors enjoy getting to know your two new arrivals.

carolyn said...

Your new boys are just gorgeous, so handsome. We also have a "new" cat, he is around 7 months old now and was a stray. He found us, as is often the case, cats know where to go. I suspect that folk chuck these youngsters out rather than have them neutered.

Gigibird said...

What lovely boys!

I do hope you will all be happy.

Kali said...

aww, my gosh those two little men have mischief written all over the gorgeous faces! lucky you guys and lucky them to have found each other...their beds look so comfy Ginny!
so glad for you and diana that your 'meeting' went so well, 'tis good to meet geniunely nice people :)
and the sky photo is so apt i think.
wishing you all a lovely weekend ~ xo, kali.

jane winton said...

OOOOHHH what lovely kittens! How could anyone leave them in a dustbin!!!!!! Their little beds look cosy, Im impressed you made them. It is so long since we have had kittens yours have made me feel broody for some! We love cats and at one time we had eight plus two dogs, which was great fun. The sea glass pebbles are gorgeous, I love sea glass and am always collecting it. Do look at my blog later as my husband found me the ultimate bit of sea glass yesterday and it will be on there. Thankyou for visiting my blog LOL Jane x

Pipany said...

Oh how lovely are those two? So pleased you have got them Ginny. We have a beautiful black cat called Fatty Arbuckle (yes, Dave named him!) and he is such a gorgeous chap. wouldn't be without him.

The meeting with Diana sounds lovely. So glad you hit it off and the sea glass is just gorgeous. Special friendships seem to emerge from blogging don't they? Have a lovely weekend xx

Kitty said...

What gorgeous cats, they remind me so much of my old cat Guinness. If they're like him, they'll keep growing until they are about 3, when they will suddenly 'bulk up' and be very masculine! I'm sure you'll give them wonderful lives.

Someone else's cruelty is your gain. Hope you all have lots of fun together. x

Sal said...

It's so lovely to put a face to a blog name, isn't it? I love the name 'Lucky Duck' for a tea room. Hope it was as nice as it sounds

driftwood said...

love your kittens, we have two cats from the cats protection, they were abondoned too, but they are a great part of our family now. glad you had a great blog meet up - what a treat!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Ginny ..How reassuring it is to hear of your new friendship with a fellow blogger.. It is really the icing on the cake of this blog world..
I am very taken with your the new members of your family..I think cats are wonderful companions and every home should have one.. or two!

Enjoy getting to know each other.

Michele x

julia said...

After a shaky start those two kittens have certainly landed on their feet, lucky boys!
Glad they've settled in well, do you do adult sized beds, they sound so cosy!
Julia xx

caireen said...

Great cats...and they have been blessed with a lucky home! A friend of mine says the cats really choose the owners, so these 2 must have zoned in on your space to let! cx

raining sheep said...

pardon me while I oooh and aaah over the kittens...having a kitty myself I have such a soft spot for kitties. They are so cute...have you given them cat nip yet? I am so glad you got 'rescue' kittens. My kitty was a rescue kitten and I have had her for 12 years now and she is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,
Love the kitties, they look gorgeous and so fab that they have a new home with you. How are the nets doing?
Karon x

Anonymous said...

Oh there is nothing cuter than 2 boy cats... mine have gone to another home now (kittens) and I miss them awfully. These two boys look wonderful. It amazes me how some people can ill treat animals. Anyway, at least now they have a loving home x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh how could anybody leave those kittens in a dustbin?! I am so glad you've given them a home. I have two black sister cats and use to have two black toms just like yours, the house was never dull! Take care

Bovey Belle said...

What lovely kittens - they have landed ontheir feet with you, that's for sure. I really don't know how people could be so cruel to animals. We have 8 cats - mot of them have just turned up as strays on our doorstep, and I'm such a softee, I can't turn them away.

Glad you had such a lovely meet up with Diana. I have met quite a few fellow bloggers/forum members in the past couple of years and they are without exception lovely people - we just talk like we have always known one another.

Love your dolls too - I am just about to start making one each for great-nieces of mine for Christmas.

Tracy said...

Hello Magic and Paw!! (Great names, Ginny :o) Theu are such beautiful boys! And so cute in their cozy beds...Have fun getting to know each other--I know you'll all be one big happy family soon! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your kittens sure look lovely!
If I show them to my girls... they will want one or two for sure!
Debbie Moss

Lory said...

Oh my gosh!! They're carbon copies of my kitty Claudia!! Aren't black cats special? I love their shiny coats and those gorgeous eyes. It's like having mini black panthers at home. :):):):):)


JuliaB said...

Your little black beauties are GORGEOUS and VERY (dangerously so) photogenic!! you lucky thing!

Primrose Hill said...

Loving your new boys, they are just so sweet! Blog friends are just the best, I met the lovely Rach from Oh the Glamour last year and we've become great friends ever since, she's even been to stay the weekend with us and we did nothing but laught the whole time!

L x