Sunday, November 23, 2008

all the fun of the fair...

Yesterday as many of you will know was the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Rangeworthy, South Gloustershire, organised by Michele of Cowboys and Custard and Jayne of Country Cottage Chic.

I live a fair way away so made my way down with Alice and baby Rufus on the Friday afternoon to stay with Alice's brother, who lives near Bath. It was lovely to spend time with him, his wife and the 3 children. We were thoroughly spoilt and were even made a full English breakfast prior to setting off early on Saturday morning.

After getting lost, in my usual style we arrived at the hall. It was a pretty hall and perfect for a Vintage Fair. (see Hen's blog for a pic of the outside). The tables had been set out beautifully and each stall holder had a lovely space... it was not at all cramped.

I was excited and delighted by all the beautiful things that were there... everyone so amazingly talented.
Michele, Sal , Hen and Jayne have posted great photos of everyones stalls if you fancy taking a peep just click on their links.

I only managed to get a few photos to share...
Nicky from The Vintage Magpie's bunnies look fabulous on her site and were absolutely delightful to see in real life. Her stall looked great and she is so lovely.

I was so lucky to be sitting opposite Annie from A saucerful of secrets. Her work is exquisite, her dolls, works of art. I was bowled over by her talent. These dolls must take hours to create.

She and her husband are such nice people too. Annie trained in fine art and amongst other things also makes felt pieces. I fell in love with her needle felted birds. Look at this little blue tit who, unbeknown to me, found it's way back with me... thank you so much Annie I love it and shall treasure it.

I would have loved to purchase something from everyone as it was all so tempting but sadly I have to be careful about what I spend these days... still I did manage to buy a few gifts to put away till Christmas.

fab vintage nostalgia from the lovely Michele x

some treasures from Sal, who I was so pleased to finally meet.
We also had the great pleasure of meeting her lovely husband Mr Snippets too.

I also brought a wand for myself from Hesta who creates hats and pieces from recycled fabrics. It is a beautiful green colour with feathers and a bell on... it is for my fairy godmother duties as I never got round to making one myself. I shall have to keep it away from the kittens though.

...and a few cards from Joanne. I have always loved Joanna's paintings and it was lovely to meet her and also see her in the process of creating a new picture.

I also have a little something for Rufus which was made by Carol which I cannot show yet as I think he reads the blog!

It was so good to finally put faces to blogs ...everyone was so nice, thank you for being so friendly and letting me witter on. (especially to joanna!) It was lovely also meeting blog readers, particularly two couples who had travelled a long way to get to the Fair (one from Wales) and the busy stream of friendly folk passing through the hall. There were folk there too that I wished I had been able to catch up with but sadly missed (mainly you Emma).. next time hopefully.

All in all a great day, great cakes (see Jayne's blog) and lots of inspiring people. A huge thank you to Jayne and Michele who have been living and breathing this for months. I hope you both can now relax and enjoy the festive season.

Sorry this post is link heavy but if you haven't already met these great bloggers I urge you to visit them. (links for everyone on my last post).
ginny x


Kitty said...

I've yet to meet some bloggers, but have met forum friends. They're all just as lovely as they seem, aren't they? So glad you had a great time. x

summerfete said...

I'm not jealous...much!!


Sal said...

Hi Ginny!
Today is just like being there all over again..without leaving one's armchair!!It's wonderful to read everyone's blogs!
Hope to see both you and Alice down here in downtown N.A. one day!

Denise said...

I'm one of the blog readers who made the trek to Rangeworthy and had a lovely morning at the Fair, and combined it with a day out with my sister. We both had a wonderful time. It was lovely to meet you - I bought your book and am so looking forward to having a go at making some of your gorgeous creations myself.

carolyn said...

It's been fun checking out everones photographs and now I almost feel as though I attended the fair. The lack of purchases sadly proves that I did not. So pleased it went well for everyone.

pebbledash said...

Hi Ginny,
Lovely post...feels like you've taken me on a little journey round the fair! So glad you all had a wonderful and successful day.
Love Diana xx

caireen said...

that is a cute little bird - sounds like you had fun, and what a nice way to meet everyone. We had a bit of that at the CL fair too - but the handmade element makes it even more exciting! x

Tracy said...

Hi, Ginny! Glad it was such a grand day...Wish I could have been there! Thanks so much for sharing about the big event. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Sea Angels said...

Hello Ginny it was such great fun wasn't only regret was we had no time to shop ourselves...
I would like to do it all again and be a visitor...
Thankyou for your lovely comments I am glad I have inspired you all have inspired me for many months
Hugs for a gentle week
Love Lynn xx

LOUISE said...

So pleased to hear you really enjoyed your day Ginny. I hope you and Alice sold lots of your beautifully made wares. I would have loved to have been a visitor. Maybe next time? x

the homely year said...

Hi, the fair sounds wonderful...wish we'd been there.
Margaret and Noreen

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Ginny, it was so lovely to meet you and Alice on Saturday. It was such a lovely day. I hope when you come down to this neck of the woods we can meet up again.

Take care
Nicky x

Cowboys and Custard said...

It was lovely to have you and Alice as neighbours...though the day did pass in a blur.. of euphoria and adrenalin!
It would be lovely to see you again Ginny.. maybe in your part of the world next time!?

Much love
Michele xx

Pipany said...

Hello Ginny. So glad you had fun at the fair and wish I could have been there too. Maybe another year? Thank you for the lovely tour. Love to you xxxx

Wild Rose said...

Hi Ginny,

It sounds like a terrific day and how lovely to meet so many fellow bloggers.

That little blue tit is so sweet ~ what a lovely surprise!

Marie x

Bumpkin Bears said...

I just found your blog from Tracy's. I'm so pleased I have, it looks like it was a wonderful day at the fair :) I'm going to go round all the links later with a cup of tea - they all look so gorgeous. I'm having a launch party and giveaway until Sunday over on my blog if you would like to pop along. :) Catherine x

karen said...

I am sooo very jealous
It look's like you had a great time.

raining sheep said...

I so love craft fairs. I just went to one here in Calgary and bought a few lovely things for gifts both for others and myself. I love buying handmande!

summerfete said...

Ooh I'd love to see your baubles!!
Without meaning to be rude hehe!!

My Christmas music must have is Norah Jones come away with me!!

Especially with the aroma of satsuma wafting and my fairy lights on!

Clare x