Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shop update

I have finally got round to updating the shop and adding the latest flower brooches that i have made...

I have also braved the cold today and finally photographed (outside as the light was good) the remaining handmade decorative dolls and have added them at a reduced price.

Isadora is a decorative fairy doll perfect for the top of the tree. (has a hanging loop at the back of her neck) We only have six left now but they are dressed in a variety of wonderful vintage prints. Each doll has been lovingly designed and handmade by either Alice or myself and we really hope they will find new homes this Christmas. (they are boxed and i could really do with the space now as my studio is very cramped... hence the reduced prices).

Matilda is probably the doll that we have enjoyed making the most. We have three different Matildas left. I think this gold one is my favourite as i just love her skirt which is made from such a beautiful sumptuous piece of fabric.

Lastly our Flora gardener dolls, most sporting Liberty print Tana lawn blouses recycled from Liberty print blouses. They all wear a quirky little flowerpot hat and have an apron to keep their garden twine and seeds safe.

All the dolls are placed on a bed of raffia in a specially made and decorated box. They do make a lovely gift. Please take a look at the website at our other designs.
ginny x

Edit to add.... Author signed copies of our book Sew Fabulous Fabric now available here with free postage to the UK.
We have had a lovely review of the book in the latest issue of Sew Hip and I discovered by chance a great review here at Whip Up... a fabulous site that if you haven't come across it before I urge you to take a look. x G


tess said...

your dolls looks so lovely, and those flowers are beautiful, a real breath of colour on a snowy day!

Sal said...

Your dolls are soooo beautiful.
I love their names too.

Sit A Spell said...

Glad you "hopped" on over to my blog...that's fun to do, huh? : )

Fun place to visit.

Pipany said...

Hello Ginny. I do love your gorgeous dolls; there's something so special about a doll that has so many tiny stitches lovingly creating her. Beautiful. Hope you are managing to find time to enjoy the festive build up Ginny and not wearing yourself out! Take some time for you (says I!). Loads of love xx

Anonymous said...

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