Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Five ( plus 2 adults) have fun in the meadow....

Meet our very own 'Famous Five' gang.....

including 'Timmy' the dog?

Actually this is Alice's beautiful Springer Spaniel Silas.

We all love Silas xxx

Wee ... here i go....

Silas fishing for stones....

Got one!
( how proud was he!)

River boy ( on 'lookout')

Can you see me?
( Dick spying in the bushes)

Off up the ' magical tree' .. with Julian first leading the way..
George and Dick fighting for second place.. and poor Anne being left to follow.
( although Dick did try to help her up).

Time to go .... lets all follow the dog with the big stick!

We had a very agreeable time.. lots of rather splendid fun was had by all.
We returned to 'Aunt Fanny's' ( mine) for ham sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer.
Unfortunately we didn't come across a mystery this time but the
Famous Five are always on the lookout to catch those 'nasty villans'.
We did however have a wonderful walk.
Thanks for joining us.
G x


Jane said...

Do you think all us bloggers were warped by a childhood spent reading Enid Blyton and watching Little House on the Prairie?
I am never happier than when making up "lashings of ginger beer" for children in a treehouse.
Looks like a wonderful walk,

Ragged Roses said...

Those kind of days are the best aren't they? We've had several of those this holiday and a great one last year boating down the river. I did have a few Aunt Fanny moments too!
Kim x

Gigibird said...

Silas is gorgeous;) and he's so like Harry but without the madness.
the photos really capture a lovely time.

the flour loft said...

Hi Jane
Yes i think we probably are.... a child i did think i was Laura Ingels! I remember rather liking her dad too.

Hi Kim,
really great days.. timeless, good honest fun (and free too!)

Hi Gigi,
So has Harry got a new mate then?


carolyn said...

Oh my goodness we have "The Famous Five" ove here as well, fruit cake, plumbs and lashings of ginger beer please.

tash said...

Thanks for your comment, it was lovely. We're all just getting over it here.

Your day in the meadow looks idyllic, I am envious. The landscape, though similar can be wildly different up here. We have stunning bits of coastline and lots of moors and pine glades, we're a bit of a hotch-potch up here. Lovely photos of Silas, he's a cutie - my mum has a cocker and I can imagine she'd love to play.


Thanks so much for leaving a message on my blog, I always love receiving them. I have put yours into my favourites and have added you to my sidebar, from what I can see I will very much enjoy yours, all your articles look ‘just up my street’.

alice c said...

Happy days - you will be so glad that you captured an ordinary afternoon by the river. Something to look back at when they are grumpy teenagers! Not that yours will be grumpy...

Tracy said...

Such fun photos! Happy Day :o)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Ginny
This is so wholesome and really strikes a chord with me.. happy carefree days out are so precious.. lovely photos and memories of a special moment in your children's lives are priceless.
I adored the Famous Five books and couldn't read them fast enough..


Florence said...

What amazing surroundings you live in - it looks idyllic and how lucky to be able to share so much of your day to day life with an old friend. x