Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Ice Bowl!

I did it and it worked.. Sorry the photo is bad but i hope you get the idea.

I just put a small bowl into the larger bowl and filled up the bottom and sides. I probably didn't leave it long enough as it's bottom could have frozen better. Apparently you can freeze it in stages.. e.g. fill the bottom few inches of your large bowl first and freeze... then add the smaller bowl weighted down (with more water) and fill around the sides. My friend Amanda whose suggestion it was that i attempt one, made an ice bowl at Christmas and filled the sides with glitter stars and some cranberries. Hers was so thick and so frozen that it didn't melt and she remembers wiping it out and refreezing it!
My man was impressed and said it was like ' proper, posh presentation.' Very different from my usual thing. I may try it if we have friends around sometime.. i think if you put the right herbs in you could break off bit to use in drinks. Alternatively once melted, use it to water your plants!

Thank you for all your anniversary wishes, we had a lovely evening. We also had a weekend away as an old flame had a 40th Birthday doo in Dorset (near Bridport). No posh hotel i'm afraid.. my man treated me to a camping adventure, and adventure it was as the wind was so strong the tent (a small igloo one) nearly took off! One of the legs was broken so we wrapped it in gaffa tape and it did hold. Luckily it wasn't raining as every time the wind blew the whole tent blew in and knocked into us.. Romantic .. er no, but memorable nevertheless!

We did survive it and the location was beautiful , just on the cliff.
This was the view...

The sun was out when we arrived and the breeze was strong.. i just love the force of the wind .. it makes me want to stand up tall, stretch my arms in the air and breath it all in. Which i did... .. it felt so good! There's nothing quite like the forces of nature to shake off the cobwebs and make you feel alive and exhilarated.
The next day after the party was quite a different story, however!
Hope your weekend was good.


Ragged Roses said...

The ice bowl is very impressive!!! I'll have to throw out all the ice cream in the freezer to make space to freeze the bowls but I think I might have a go at Christmas too (will have to write it down somewhere otherwise I'm bound to forget). Sounds like you had a great anniversary and invigorating weekend away too! I love that feeling of the wind on my face, it's wonderful,
Kim x

Suzie Sews said...

Impressed!!!A work of art. The beautiful pictures make me want to go there.

tash said...

I love the ice bowl, it's such a good idea - especially as you can just leave it outside near your plants to give them a drink! Brill!

I just had to say, we had our honeymoon in Bridport and around that area. I have photos of me swimming on the beach at Burton Bradstock with the sun going down and mackerel shoals just a few hundred feet further out. It was the happiest time of my life!

alice c said...

The bowl is so pretty - my husband would think he had died and gone to heaven if I presented him with that much ice cream!
I am glad that you had a lovely weekend break - it makes wonderful memories for the next 11 years!

carolyn said...

I'm impressed not only did you make a beautiful ice bowl but you survived a weekends camping. A woman of many talents.

Tracy said...

Very beautiful that ice bowl! I've always wanted to try one of those. Oh, and Happy belated anniversary--you two look sooo sweet! ((HUGS))

Florence said...

That ice bowl is amazing. Such a brilliantly bonkers idea!

Joanna said...

Ice bowl is great I might try making one whan I have got through some of the fruit I have just filled the freezer with. I love camping and you looked like you had a great adventure. Have a lovely weekend

this is my patch said...

We went down to Dorset earlier this year, we stayed in two different venues, The Marquis of Lorne, a pub in Nettlecombe which is very near to Bridport and a lovely hotel Little Court which is about a mile out of Dorchester, the latter being so nice with all home comforts that we were reluctant to come home, if you don't fancy camping next time you could always check them out?