Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter weekend

Well, the Easter Bunny did visit our house on Sunday or i should say garden. A little hunt took place at 6am i kid you not and the girls collected lots of chocolate eggs which had been put in various amusing places.

Two years ago Alice and i made some little Easter bags with appliqued bunnies on the front. My girls use theirs to gather the tasty finds.

Once collected they lined up all the eggs and shared them out evenly. They know the Easter Bunny would be fair and they are pretty loving sisters (most of the time).

We are now back at school for just under a fortnight then off for a 2 week Easter break.. a bit confusing but hopefully by the time the kids break up the weather will be better for getting out in the garden to do some serious veg planting.

Hope your weekends were good.


Kitty said...

That fluffy bunny bag is so lovely! We had an Easter Egg hunt too - but thankfully ours was at a more sensible hour! x

French Knots said...

Goodness 6am is early! I managed to hold my two back till a slightly more reasonable hour then it was chocolate for breakfast all round!

Jane said...

Our Easter Bunny had to pretend to be feeding chickens as he was very ineficient and had not completed his task before morning,

this is my patch said...

Hi Ginny, glad to hear despite the horrible weather we had, that the Egg Hunt still took place. I am sure there was plenty of chocolate to go round! x

Wild Rose said...

I love that cute Easter bag! Glad to hear that you enjoyed an egg hunt, althought it was certainly an early start!

Enjoy your weekend

Marie x