Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A giveaway and a breakaway

The giveaway first.
Drawn by my two girls at the Dinner table on Sunday. The name they both pulled out together was......

Congratulations to Emma at Sew Recycled. I will send you the little springtime bundle.

Thank you to all who left a comment guessing correctly that it was indeed a galvanised watering can, roseless but nevertheless perfect and it arrived displaying a tag with 'C1940's ' on it. Amanda said she couldn't resist it especially the 40 bit... she's just rubbing it in... she's 40 next! I was thrilled with it especially as i know she would've loved to have kept it. x Thank you also to those who left a comment for the first time, it was nice to meet you. If i haven't thanked you already, i will be off to check out your blogs soon.

Secondly the breakaway.

Well i'm not going anywhere but life has been hectic and i feel shattered. I have been going to bed early this week and i really need it. That balancing act, me 'juggling all those balls' , well i guess i have dropped some, anyway i need to be kind to myself, not take on to much and hence the blog 'break...away'. I will be back as i do enjoy the little space we all share in blogsville. Until then enjoy the newness and hope of Spring and i leave you with a little bundle brought for me by my man who has just been to New York and found Purl Soho.

p.s. Alice and I are taking part in a FREE Open Day at RHS Wisley this Saturday 8th March 10.30am till 3.30pm. It's all to do with growing your own veg. For further details click here.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Congratulations Emma.. I hope you enjoy your lovely goodies.
I am so excited to hear that you are going to be at Wisley this weekend. I am wondering if I can persuade my chauffeur to take me there. I LOVE Wisley and remember it from when I was a child and would run up and down the long borders.. it really left an impression on me. I have not been there for 40 years or so but have always yearned to return.
Hope all goes well this Saturday and maybe I'll get to say hello...

Wild Rose said...

Take good care and enjoy your break Ginny. I've been feeling like that myself ~ must have something to do with a big trade show looming in two weeks!!!

Marie x

willow said...

Hi Ginny,
Look after yourself, I think we all need rejuvenation breaks from time to time.


Hi Ginny, the suspense has been killing me, I am so glad you have at last put me out of my misery. Congratulations to Sew Recycled, what a lucky girl! Have a lovely break Ginny, and look forward to seeing some lovely photos from Wisley very soon. I am off now to click on the veggie link. x

caireen said...

purl soho - lucky you! and what a sweetie 'he' is for going there for you! have a good rest, am feeling exhausted too, too much to think about all at once!x

Tracy said...

Congrats to Emma! Hope you had a good break, Ginny! Love purl soho! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Raindrops said...

Have a lovely break. And congratulations Emma enjoy all your lovely goodies. Tricia

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and yours