Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A manic day, a givaway and some perfect cards

Today has been manic.. i just haven't stopped.. even my hour off whilst the girls are at Brownies didn't happen. We were invited to join in a 'fairtrade' talk with guest speakers which was really interesting, and better still was the chance to buy some produce... so Divine chocolate and double choc chip cookies for us..mmm! so all good in the end. It is Fairtrade fortnight at the moment, for further information check out

Whilst at the studio today Al and I sorted out a little bundle for the mystery photo draw. So if you would still like a chance to enter and win a few little Springtime crafty goodies...

(sneaky preview of a few of the bits)

then please leave a comment with your guess.(see last post or click on mystery photo link). I will give you a few extra days and will draw at the weekend when i am less busy.

I will leave you with a link to my friend Caireen from the patchwork dress.

I brought some of her eco card packs recently and wanted to share with you how fabulous they are. Each card and envelope is made from carefully chosen pages from beautiful magazines. She has such a flair with theming each pack (comes in a set of 4) and they were such a delight to write and perfect to send as thank you letters.

My friends all loved them.
(thanks Caireen)

Caireen has a beautiful blog and for anyone interested in a great original eco product you can buy her cards here.

Have a good Thursday!

p.s. did you know that the Fairtrade logo depicts a person waving? I didn't. Have a look.. it's such a strong recognisable image but i suspect if asked to draw it from memory most of us couldn't.



Florence said...

Oh no, sending wishes for a more relaxing evening! x


Interesting fact about the fairtrade logo, I haven't ever studied it that closely, next time I am in the local Co-op, I shall look more carefully! Lovely goodies for the lucky winner, don't forget not to enter me in twice as I have left two comments under a separate guise. If anyone notices we may have a revolt on our hands! I shall take a peek in a few days to see the result, until then, don't work too hard? x

Jane said...

Caireen's cards are really beautiful aren't they - I only send them to really special person. Her photocards are great too,

anne bebbington said...

I didn't know that about the fairtrade logo either - just heading off to the cupboard to check it out now :o)

Emma Herian said...

I love Caireen's cards. Such a good idea and a beautiful one as well. You seem to have gathered a yummy bundle for the giveawway - so figers crossed!
Sew Recycled!x

Cowboys & Custard said...

I hope you get some time to relax today Ginnny and enjoy Mother's Day with your family..

I have been aware of Fairtrade week as my partner is having a fairtrade week at his school with a fairtrade shop set up for the children to learn more about this ethical commerce.
I myself am trying to avoid chocolate until Easter having given it up for Lent.. it has been torture seeing all the the Easter eggs for sale everywhere!

With love

clarabelle said...

The cards are a lovely idea...sorry you have been so manic - here's hoping you can relax a bit soon
Clare xx