Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent Alice and i good wishes since moving out of the Flour Loft studio and for this new stage of our creative collaboration. It is lovely to have your support and friendship. We are both in a transition period now until our new spaces are ready. When they are we hope to throw ourselves back into the creative process.

My week, this week has been spent helping my man on the next diy stage of creating my home workspace. First he sorted out the wiring.

Then we insulated the breeze block shell of the building and have started making an interior wall with tongue and groove wood cladding which will eventually be painted. A large amount of the stuff moved from The Flour Loft is in the space already so we are a little cramped. We are almost half way there on the refurb. We have a little matter of moving a door and creating a new window still to see to. Its been a learning curve, but each completed stage brings a great sense of achievement. I am only the builder's mate. Chief builder took a few days off work to push the project further. Still lots to do so guess what we are doing this weekend?

I have however also managed to sow some more seeds in the greenhouse and my first sowings of basil, rocket, romanesco and beans are just starting to show themselves.The weather has really started to warm up here in the South of England and it's been great to feel the sunshine again.
Thank you for all your lawn advice and stories. I am going to enjoy it's lushness a little longer but am planning a gentle first haircut sometime next week.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
G x



Today is a lovely day here, I am getting out in the garden, once I have had a peek or two at a few blogs. Your new work space is going to be amazing, I really must get my act together and organise something for myself, I know I can be creative, but you do need a space for doing it. Have a great weekend, make the most of the sunshine today, it may not be so good tomorrow? Remember all the beautiful blossom on my Amelanchier, well the late snow finished off every one. x

carolyn said...

It's fantastic here too, but I haven't done anything other than chicken sit while the hens free-range and read, the garden will wait for a rainy day! Your studio is going to be so lovely with those tongue and grove walls.

Sal said...

I look forward to seeing your new finished workspace. And I am longing to get my hands on your book ;-)Sal

Ragged Roses said...

How exciting having your own work space, I think it will look fab! It was a beautiful day here on Saturday but has been pants since!!! I have some chard seedlings sprouting but the snails are busy chomping at all the others!

the homely year said...

You sound very busy with all the DIY. We're trying to improve our laundry room cum entrance with some panelling painted cream and an oak work top. I think the walls will be a pale cooking apple green...plenty of work for the weekend.
Margaret and Noreen

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am rather green Ginny.. I would love a proper work space other than the kitchen table.. Your new work environment is sure to inspire and create yet more wonderful Folkydokee products.. Look forward to seeing them!

a home far away said...

Lovely tulips! And a really nice blog I´ve found here!

I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, you are welcome to visit:-)


Pipany said...

Hello Ginny. isn't it great sowing veg seeds? We've just got ourselves a gorgoeus allotment (90 x 30 ft) and am beside myself with excitment! Looking forward to seeing your new work space - another exciting thing xx