Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a special commission

Yesterday when i picked up our smallest person from school she was full of beans and very excited. She couldn't wait to tell me that she and 2 of her friends had come up with an idea for a competition to run in her class.

They had created a character called Shiny the Star with their idea being to ask their friends to place Shiny in a scene, ie colour a picture of Shiny in an interesting place. The prize, they had concocted was to be a star shaped Shiny softie, which my little one had volunteered that she would organise with her mummy, as her mummy 'did sewing'.
She was eager that we must do it straight away... so we set about making Shiny come to life.

First she drew a picture of Shiny.

Then she chose the fabric.

A pattern was drawn by her, complete with scaled up face, was pinned to the fabric and 2 star shaped pieces were then cut out, by me.

She transferred the face on to the top piece of fabric ready for me to hand embroider to her specifications.

Then with right sides together Shiny was stitched up, clipped, turned through and stuffed.

My small person, who is also a budding photographer, decided she would like to take lots of photos of Shiny. Here are a few of the ones that she styled and took.

Boy racer Shiny on scooter.

Gardener Shiny.

Shiny on bike.

and finally Shiny having fun on Hoppy.

She had so much fun playing with Shiny that i think she may be sad to give him to the winner.
I expect we shall be making a Shiny mark 2 soon!



Kitty said...

Awww, isn't that fabulous? Her very own design. Shiny is gorgeous - I hope your small realises what a clever girl she is!


French Knots said...

Super shiny! What a sweet idea for a competition and how handy to have a Mummy who ' does sewing'!!

Sal said...

What a lovely idea!!
I hope that Shiny has many more adventures ;-)

pebbledash said...

Bless! What a clever girl, and her photos are lovely. I think you're right, Shiny 2 will be in the making very soon....and how lucky to have a Mum who sews a bit!

Pipany said...

Ahh that was such a sweet blog Ginny and what a fab photographer your little girl is. I love the shiny and I know my Lucy would definitely want to win it if it was a comp at her school. By the way, your comment about a nose contest with Diana made me laugh (though you know I would win of course - a shiny as a prize perhaps!!!) xx

Anonymous said...

So, so (sew?) sweet! I foresee lots of "shinys" in my future with my little one. I can't wait!

willow said...

What a lovely post. I think there will have to be a Shiny 2 so that there can be a lot more Shiny adventures.

Florence said...

Oh what loveliness! I so enjoyed reading this post. x

Tracy said...

Sooooo cute, Ginny! Your Smallest Small is very clever--that is a winning idea! I wouldn't mind having one of those! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Raindrops said...

Shiny looks great :-)

Lace Threads said...

Shiny is lovely. And what a lovely activity to share. I just stumbled on your blog and had to stop to comment, as this reminds me of making a boat with my 7 yr old son recently - he drew it and we've almost completed the bringing it to life bit. I must post about it soon!

the homely year said...

Shiny is very sweet. How good for youngsters to get involved in something so creative. Love the way she's placed Shiny in the photos...great fun.
Margaret and Noreen

LOUISE said...

How lovely smallest person coming up with this idea for her classroom. I think she is taking after Mummy who does sewing! I love Shiny Star in all the poses, great photos. Let us know what pose Shiny Star is in the picture that wins? x

Cowboys & Custard said...

How wonderful to have such an inspired and creative daughter.. She must take after her inpsired and creative mother.. methinks!

With love
P.s Any news of baby yet????

Ragged Roses said...

I love Shiny what a great idea. I think Shiny on Hoppy is my fave photo. I bet she has lots of competition entrants to sort through!

Jane said...

Ginny - my two have just broken up for the holidays so we have been designing teacher presents. Zoe had a particularly inspirational teacher this year and they spent ages researching the Mary Celeste so Zoe designed a ship and found a quote and we made a notebook.
Katie whose teacher is frighteningly young (if I was guessing I would say 17 but presumably that can't be the case) went for barbie pink and LOTS of hearts.
I think that it is great being able to have something that we are good at! For in my case it certainly isn't going to be the Mummies race or remembering which piece of kit is required on which day.
I love shiny. Can anyone enter the class competition?

raina said...

Hi, thank you for commenting on my photos on my photo blog. I don't have an email for you so I can't email you with an answer regarding what camera I use, so I am leaving it here in the comment.

I use the new Canon XSI DSLR and my macro photos are all done with my 50 mm (macro) or my 100 mm (macro) lenses both by canon. If you go to my regular blog, www.rainingsheep.com, I have more images there and a link to my flickr. Thanks for visiting. The stuffed start is super cute...especially mixed in to the pot of flowers :)

Suzie Sews said...

adorable...what talent...

Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea. my sewing isn't as good as this though so i'll just wish on a star.