Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things i have been doing since my last post....

wow ... it seems to be over 3 three weeks since i last posted here... so i thought i'd better get back on the horse so to speak. Hope you are all well and that you have been enjoying this welcome change in the weather.
Here are a few of the things that i have been doing since my last post...

*making chocolate cake and place settings with the girls for my dad's 70th birthday celebrations, which all went well. He looks fab for 70 and has so much more energy than me. He goes dancing about 5 times a week which keeps him fit. I think he is amazing but then i would as he is my dad.

*missing my husband when he went off to New York for work. (no purl soho visit this time but he brought me back a dress... brave man!)

*watching my eldest daughter turn 10 (growing up fast).

*tee shirt labelling.

*trip to see Nim's island (sweet film) with new 10 year old and her best friend, which produced a few tears from me.... has anyone seen it?

*took 10 year old and best friend clothes shopping (an insight into the future).

*making pizza.

*more tee shirt labelling.

*had eight 10 year old girls (all from the same class) and a 7 year old round for a party. Forgot to ask another grown up to help... i was seriously outnumbered and they really forgot that i was there. They were hugely noisy but extremely good fun. My plan was for them to play some party games, hang out and play and after eating tea make their own Sundae style dessert. It worked well and i have to say i enjoyed being an honoury 10 year old for the afternoon!

*nursing a 10 year old with a violent tummy bug... poor girl. (not party related i hasten to add)

*enjoying taking photographs of poppies and poppy seedheads.(see sweetmyrtle).

*making a carnival headdress with my 7 year old.

*planting out veg and getting the veg beds up to scratch.

*taking nightly slug hunts by torchlight with my old man (who is obsessed).

*running a quiz night at our local school with a few friends. This had been planned for earlier in the year so we had put most of the questions together. One round which worked well was a spelling test (i know i would have been rubbish)... there were a good few teachers there who we thought would appreciate being on the other side for a change! The spelling round was left till two thirds through so by then a fair bit of alcohol had been consumed. Four teams were all in the running to win so the atmosphere was great... friendly but with underlying competitiveness!

*picking the first raspberries of the year... tasty!

*even more tee shirt labelling!

*waiting for a baby to arrive.... still waiting. I will let you know as soon as we know. Thank you for your best wishes to Alice... i have passed them on to her. She is feeling great although a little more uncomfortable now that the head is down and ready to go! should be very soon now. x

*planting up pots... a new thing for me... we have seeded sunflowers so i put them in the centre of a pot and surrounded them with either salad leaves, spinach or nasturtium and with a rare bit of genius from me i surrounded some with alpine strawberries which i have running all over the garden. They are great in the garden to keep the weeds down but i do thin them out at this time each year to allow other plants to grow so it made perfect sense to put them in pots.

*ran a plant stall at the school fair sun burnt and yes and brought a few plants home too.. true to form in purple and pink.(scabiosa and thrift)

* and finally more bloody tee shirt labelling... hopefully this week we can complete this mammoth task as i am so desperate to get into proper designing and sewing again and i would so love this blog to get back to being about the things i make. I am sure this will happen one day soon but first we still have a studio space to finish.. which is the next job.

Gosh this is a bit of a rambling list, though i could have gone on even more... If i have managed to keep your interest to here i'll be amazed.
Have a good week.
g x

ps. while i have been typing this post the girls have been creative with fimo for their dad! ( see pic above)


Gigibird said...

No wonder you have no time to blog!

Pipany said...

Hooray Ginny, you're back! Sounds as though things have been really hectic, but fun. Happy 10th to your little (or not so little) girl who now joins Lucy's 'club' as she calls it. xx

alice c said...

Fingers and Toes crossed for let me know the good news as soon as possible!

Sal said...

Crikey you have been busy!I don't know how you fit it all in !! ;-)

Kitty said...

Lovely to see you Ginny - my goodness you've been busy! Good to hear that you've been keeping yourself out of mischief though ;-) x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Exhausting but totally enjoyable read Ginny..
Haven't you finished those labels yet??Sorry.. bit below the belt that one!
Love the photo gallery... all things bright and beautiful.

With love for a more peaceful week and maybe a baby for Alice??


Tracy said...

No wonder you've been away,'ve had much to do, and fun as well...Expcet for all that tee shirt labelling--LOL! ;o) Happy, Sweet Summer Days to all of you ((HUGS))

Two Crofters said...

wow - i am exhausted just reading it all!
hope that you are smiling x
t x