Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just thought i would pop in and say hello as I haven't had a chance to post for a while. Things are pretty bust right now and i know my posts will be few and far between for the next few weeks or so, particularly as i like to write long posts with a few pictures which take a bit more time to do so i need a good block of time to do one.

The workshop is on halt for a few weeks also as both R and i have a lot on. I am suffocating under the clutter in the house at the moment and need to get back into housewife mode before i can't find the children!! The end of the school year is coming up fast and there are lots of events etc to go to and help with... and Alice and I have 3000 of our guardsman shirts to label and bar code for the Royal Collection shops...gulp! (a little design side line for us, but this time since we have time...haha we thought we would do the labeling...we must be mad!)

Oh and please pray that Alice's solo creative project won't be premature (yes...she is gloriously pregnant with only a few more weeks to go) or i will be doing all the labels on my own!

I also have a solo project going on, though not as exciting as Alice's.... a new blog which is very seperate from this one and which i will run on the side but still keeping the Flour Loft as my main blog. It's really more of a personal photo blog where i am exploring my love of taking photographs, so you can always catch me there in the meantime. The link is sweetmyrtle .

I will leave you with this little Robin who flew down to say hello to me yesterday when i was lucky enough to go here for a few hours to see the gardens with my lovely friend Debbie.

Wishing you all lovely weekends doing all the things that make you happy.


alice c said...

What wonderful news - please give my very best wishes to Alice and tell her to take care of herself and enjoy the last few weeks.

I have had a wander around your new blog - what a lovely name and so many fabulous pictures - a real treat!

Kitty said...

Fingers crossed all goes well for Alice and bump - please let us know.

Good luck to you for all your projects and 'events' ... I know what you mean about the end of the year getting so busy!

Off to check out the new blog now.

Take care. x

carolyn said...

Call me dim but I didn't realise Sweet Mrytle was you!
Congrats to Alice and fingers crossed that baby hangs on until after the labels are done.

this is my patch said...

Sweet Myrtle is now in my sidebar, I wish I had discovered it sooner. I hope you manage to complete at least some of your chores, I know the feeling of feeling overwhelmed very well. Have a lovely weekend and see you back in the Flour Loft very soon. x

Tracy said...

All best wishes for Alice's sweet bundle of joy soon arriving--may she have a safe, happy delivery! Your new blog is beautiful. How wonderful to share your love of photography in this way. I look forward to following you at your new place too. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Jane said...

Labelling things with a good friend sounds like the ideal late pregnancy job.

the homely year said...

Hi Ginny, lovely photo of the robin. Hope all goes well for Alice and your labelling.
Margaret and Noreen

tash said...

Good luck to both you and Alice - I love your garden workshop and how you've completely done it yourself. Clever thing!

Everything sounds so exciting for you right now, wishing you all the best.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Ginny
Thinking of you with your mammoth task..!
I hope you can come up for air soon.
Best wishes to Alice and thinking of her too at this exciting time!

Just to let you know.. I made it to Wisley (bliss) and met your friend Amanda.. lovely girl!
I will write up about our wonderful time there when I get a spare moment..

Love to you