Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the last day of the holiday

Today is the last day of the holiday as the children return to school tomorrow... hooray!

Don't get me wrong as I have really loved having them close by but i must admit that now at the end of a lazy Summer we are all looking forward to an ease back into a more daily routine. I know that i shall miss them but i know too that it will enable me to get into my new workshop and to start working on some of the new ideas that have been buzzing through my head all Summer.

Today is also the last day that my youngest is 7 and the last day before she goes to junior school. Yes, she is starting a new school on her 8th birthday, but is pretty cool about it all as she will have her elder sister there looking out for her. She will have to wear a tie, but she is confident that she can construct this without help. I still have 2 boxes of their school clothes to label, which somehow got lost as my crocheting addiction took over. I now have 18 grannie squares, 2 of which use 2 colours! ... may attempt 3 next time.

For those of you who love crocheting here is a sweet link for making some crochet trees from a lovely blog called resurrection fern... i am tempted to try but i will have to wait.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post and the suggestions of ticking off things on my list before i move onto the treats (ie, crocheting ). I have finally ticked off the buy school shoes, although my eldest is developing her own sense of style, which is great, but even finding shoes which fitted- a mammoth task in itself- then there was the not liking them to deal with. I must admit i knew what she meant... well would you want to have shoes with a toy in at age 10? how i hate those toys in the heel anyway... i am sure it interferes with the comfort and structure of the shoe.... a rant i know is shared with many other mothers in search of suitable shoes. I also expect that many school teachers find them a trial too. So we have opted for a fill in 'cheaper' pair until we can find some nice plain ones that fit.

Today i need to food shop , make a school P.E. shoebag (still on list), make school bag with eldest (new addition to the list), do some laundry (always on the list), sew on all those labels, wrap and prepare some birthday presents and organise a bithday party. Wish me luck.
How are you filling your day today?
ginny x


Pipany said...

Hi Ginny. Just taught an english lesson with Isabella only asleep for half of it and the others drifting in and out. So professional eh? Mine are all back tomorrow too and I know what you mean. we are all craving a little order now and are excited about Autumn, though I still will only get brief bursts in my poor sewing romm as Isabella will still be here. Lots of playing picnics no doubt! x

driftwood said...

oh good luck with the rest of the list! well done for getting some shoes, my daughter has gone back to school in sandals (and it's pouring with rain) as we couldn't get any to fit her that didn't come with huge heels (I'd have settled for silly toys) and at 9 I said no...... we're going to wait till October now and hope there are some nice boots to be found.

Anonymous said...

am with you all the way with the crochet addiction! I am doing a rose pattern granny square for the new nursery and can't put it down even though the nursery needs desperately to be finished!

the flour loft said...

haircuts & breast feeding. Are you and me brilliant or what! see you tomorrow morning for labels and chats. love ya! a x

Sal said...

Love the crochet trees..I was wondering what one could do with them...maybe Christmas decorations?!;-)
What a birthday present..starting junior school!! Hope she has a good time!

Pam said...

Book was waiting for me after work (the wonders of amazon) and it's just lovely. Won't blog about it as it's a present for someone, but well done.
P x

the flour loft said...

Thank you Pam for your comment about the is very exciting for us. i hope your friend likes it too.
best wishes
ginny and alice
p.s. hope you read this as i couldn't link through to see your blog and say thank you there. x

Pam said...

Sorry - not that technically minded so will have to write it out longhand:
P x

pebbledash said...

Hi Ginny, Hope you've managed to tie up all the loose ends today! Happy Birthday to I for tomorrow, hope she has a great day and you all enjoy the celebrations. Love Diana xx

Blooming Felt said...

Hi Ginny. It was the first day back at school for us today (hooray !) We had massive tantrums in the shoe shop over the silly shoes with toys in the heel. In the end the shopkeeper (how old fashioned does that sound?) told my little man that he'd spoken to the headmistress and she said he wasn't to have the shoes with a toy in ! - HAHA !! We ended up compromising with him being able to have the trainers with the toy in. I've spent the day drowning in a sea of felt balls and trying to get them bagged up for the show. Don't forget to let me have your address so I can send you your ticket ! Sarah x

julia said...

We were smug this year and did the shoes in the first week of the hols, so it at least crossed one thing of the list! Didn't stop me turning the entire house upside down the say besfore school starts to find a pe kit only to be told it was still hanging on the peg in school!
Hope life is a bit less frantic for you now, love those granny squares!
Julia xx said...

Thanks for popping by! I will be at the Chipping Sodbury thingy too so it will be nice to meet you then. Congratulations on your book. I will be catching up on your blog when I get chance. I hope you enjoyed your holiday to the White Island as my daughter calls it - Isle of Wight! Love Emma x

raining sheep said...

Wow, Ginny you sound a bit swamped. I remember what it is like trying to get little ones off to school...and well, at 8 they are still little, kind of. It will be nice though to have some time to focus on your studio and your projects. Don't you think that summer went too quickly though? I miss summer already!