Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sorting out the old and moving forward

Today started off so sunny but soon the rain came. I confess that i am not good when it's cold, grey AND raining. I need sunlight or at least a little warmth and i love clear skies.
To take my mind off the weather i have been catching up with a few friends... one who i hope to meet finally this weekend!

I have also been getting reacquainted with a few other friends. Some poor lost souls who have been in storage since our move out of the Flour Loft studio.

They are some old doll designs.... Isadora fairies,which i know we will make again as they were very successful and so lovely to make, and Flora gardener dolls which we made when Alice and i were still working as folkydokee. They are boxed and would make a great present.

We really want to clear some space now (as we have much smaller workrooms) so they are on offer at £20.00 each plus postage (which varies depending on location to be sent). I photographed some of them today and will be adding them to the new aliceandginny website soon... once i work out how to add the shop facility. We would be really happy to see them go to off to new homes to be loved rather than stay with us in a box.

Our old folkydokee website was designed by my husband and it really was lovely. We had an online shop added but as it was so difficult for me to upkeep and change and add things then we - i - decided to buy a basic Mr Site package. It uses templates... a little like a blog which i am used to although it is a little frustrating trying to change the fonts and sizes as it adds all sorts of strange html code... it is not particularly sophisticated either. Has anyone else used Mr site? I would be interested to know how you got on with it. At least i won't have to rely on asking my husband when i want to make changes now... goodness knows i keep him busy already... poor man! I am surprised he wants to come home sometimes...

The new website will be more of a space where we can add tutorials, tips and info about what we are up to. We have added a gallery of some past work too and we will add a few things to purchase from the online shop from time to time.

As well as working on the website i have actually done some sewing today....I have been working out a new prototype doll pattern - a slightly larger one with a separate head as well as limbs. I always think they look so odd till they have their faces embroidered on and they have clothes and hair added. It is nice to see them come to life. I think i am going to try to sew a little each day as i really have missed it recently.
back to my doll stuffing...
Happy evenings to you all.
g x


carolyn said...

Love the new website, it is very easy to use and I so wish I had known about the sale of your dolls. Only yesterday I bought a birthday present for my niece and I'm sure she would have far prefered one of your fairies. Well I know her Mother would have!

Pipany said...

Now this is just too much and diana are meeting up!!! I am sooo jealous! How ridiculous is it that we both live in Cornwall and haven't got it together to meet up yet? Hoping to in October, but would love to have joined in with you. Have a lovely time both of you x
On the website front, I used Moonfruit for my website knowing absolutely nothing about any of it and I am now totally evangelical about it. It is so easy to use and seems to be able to do anything I want, as well as being really reasonable to run.

Your site is looking great and I love the monthly tips section. I do my applique the same way, but if you could do an article on sewing ears onto things I would be forever in your debt - don't ask! xx

Kitty said...

I think Monkee Maker uses a Mr Site template? I get very frustrated at the way Blogger messes around with my html ... so now I just write my posts in basic html to start with - it's much easier.

I'm off to look at your new website now!


Sal said...

Great stuff Ginny!
I love the new website;-)

pebbledash said...

Hi Ginny, the website looks lovely, well done! Can't wait to meet on saturday - now wouldn't it have been lovely if I could have brought Pipany with me? said...

I loved your comment on Attic 24 - how depressing was it reading her list!!!!!!LOL - well not really :-(

Love Emma xxxxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Ginny... how topical this post is!
I have had Mr Site sat in a box in a cupboard for nearly a year now .. too nervous to even take it out of the box and begin the task of web design.
Well now I have launched my front page.. I have to tackle this and so I made an attempt last week and got so frustrated with it that I am afraid I didn't get very far. I cannot seem to find a preview of my selections.. so therefore I have no idea what it looks like..
Any tips would be most gratefully received.
I think your new site looks fab and you have obviously got to grips with this website design..
Well done!
Michele xx
P.s Hope you have had some sun..

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ginny - the website is looking fabulous!

Kali said...

hi ginny ~ i'm so excited about our matchup for Jo's Christmas swap!
xo, k.

Florence said...

Ginny, I love the new website and any of the teething problems that you've had using the site design package are completely invisible to anyone using it (although I sympathise with your frustrations!). I love the your fabric-filled names in the logo - it is all perfect and feels like a generous and warm place to be with your lovely tips section. x

Nutmeg said...

The dolls are so sweet:)