Friday, January 16, 2009

final post...finally!

I have been trying to find the words to write my last post here at The Flour Loft... hence the space since my last post...
It is so hard to express just how overwhelmed I am with the support and friendship that I have encountered here in this little piece of cyber space... I have met friends who brighten my day with their cheery and warm messages, I have received lots of encouragement and great advice too and have also made some very special friends.

I just want to say thank you to each of you who has visited and left a comment and also those of you who I do not know but who I hope have enjoyed reading my ramblings here.

The Flour Loft was started when Alice and I shared our Flour Loft studio and were working under the name of 'folkydokee'. With the studio vacated last Spring it now seems time to move the blog on too. Perhaps I shall be able to talk Alice into joining me with an 'alice and ginny' blog one day. In the meantime we are working hard creating the final projects and writing the text for our next craft book which is due out in October 2009. Further details of what we are up to I will try to add to our monthly catchup page (not yet updated) on our 'alice and ginny' website. Please do keep in touch either there or come visit me on my photoblog, 'sweetmyrtle', where I just enjoy posting photographs that I take and sometimes I write a few thoughts down too.

I am also delighted to say that Kitty has won my giveaway, so if you could please mail me you address I shall send you a little something x

So thanks again and although this blog has now come to it's natural close I will still be here in blogland and visiting all your lovely blogs as usual.

with warmest wishes
Ginny xxx

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Swap and Giveaway

Jo at French Knots organised a Christmas swap back in September. My swap partner was the delightful Kali form the colourful Tasmanian blog Poppy Lane.

The idea was to make a handmade gift that took a few evenings to complete that we would send to our exchange partner. Once we had been assigned a partner we then all busied ourselves making the gifts ready to post out by out mid November. Kali and my gifts arrived on the same day... how weird is that. We both decided to wait until nearer Christmas to open them and it was worth the wait as look at all the handmade goodness that I received... Thank you so much Kali!!!

Everything was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and labelled with pretty handmade tags. Firstly I unwrapped a sweet cat softie made from the prettiest bright red floral cotton fabric and also a lavender scented house softie. I have placed both of these on the dining room mantle. They are lovely but I especially love the cat. Then I unwrapped a floral scarf a stationary wrap complete with notepad and vintage postcard. Kali also kindly sent me a tiny tape measure with a felted cover which my girls love and a perfectly stitched and very useful pin cushion. I was just bowled over by her kindness and she also sent some chocolate biscuits which the girls also have their very large eyes on. In the bottom left hand corner of the photo above you can see some festive little tree decorations too. These match perfectly with the mainly red and white theme to our Christmas tree.

A departure from my usual colourful display but what with the kittens, the colourful but fragile vintage glass baubles had to be left off this year... just in case! (I did add one though high up).
So a final huge thank you to Kali for being a very generous swap partner. x

Christmas this year has been a fun family time, pretty low key as always but with us entertaining my family on Boxing day for the first time. All went well and although we had veg left over it was perfect as a fry up the next day.

As this year draws to a close I am now reflecting on 2008. I have a book which I write all my resolutions in... It is good to look back and see the same old ones popping up time and time again... mainly... get fit! Sadly I am unfit and as the nature of my work is sitting at a computer, desk or sewing machine inside, I realise that often (apart from my mouth) I don't move much... it is hard to break out of this habit and get moving. The regular swimming fizzled out way back this year and the regular walking did not do much better.
2009 will be different. My main aim now I work at home is to spend more time growing and cultivating the garden. This is good in terms of health and thriftiness (I have been planning the veg growing these past days). I will also be slowing down, rushing less and walking more as when I do I love it.

I think thriftiness is going to be our family word for 2009 and I know that many others will be looking to this way of life too. I found a great blog yesterday about downsizing which has some great info and links about being thrifty and living simply.

I shall post one more time here at The Flour Loft and there is still time to leave a comment today with reference to your funniest Christmas present ever (last post) to be entered into my final Flour Loft Giveaway.
Here is a final picture of the stockings that the girls made for Magic and Paws from their own designs of mice and cheese. The cats are so loved x (by all of us).

G x

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

wishing you all a very....

and thank you for all your support and friendship during this past year.

I have decided to close this blog on the last day of 2008. I have a couple more things to share with you so will hopefully post a few more times.

I would also like to do a final giveaway, so if you would like to be entered into the draw please leave a comment before the 30th December sharing with us the funniest Christmas present you have ever received .

I hope that you all have a wonderful and peaceful holiday with those you love.

with warmest wishes
Ginny xx

edited to say.... just closing the flour loft blog ... it seems the right time, but will be still blogging at sweetmyrtle and commenting on all your fab blogs as usual (you can't get rid of me that easily!)
...and for the future who knows?

lots of love to you all....i am now off to wrap presents and hope i get them labelled correctly as i have had a few glasses!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

taking a break...

Today I am taking a break from working and I am cleaning. I have to be in the house for a parcel to be collected so cannot work in the garden workshop as I may miss the doorbell.

Time is so precious work wise at the moment and when the girls are at school and I feel like I have to and need to work at 100% capacity, thus leaving the housework and general home duties to one side. Alas at times I look around and see the build up of clutter and dust. Today I thought, enough is enough, so as I have to be in the house, I have donned my cleaning apron and with dusters in hand and broom and hoover to the ready I am gradually working my way around the house. I know that once completed I shall have renewed energy too and a better environment in which to return to my work. Having cats and a husband with a slight allergy to them means that I need to keep on top of the cat hair situation. I am also washing their bedding today and have the nets down for a pre Christmas clean.

I have really enjoyed visiting many of your blogs this week and to share all your wonderful Christmas preparations. Mine are a little slow but I now have a list!! hurrah!
My camera battery in flat so no pictures of my cleaning fest for you but I will leave you with some links.

My friend Annie who gave me this beautiful blue tit now has a website here. The birds are amazing as are her dolls. Please go check it out.

I have really enjoyed Nicky's festive pictures today and she has a competition coming up at the end of the week which I suspect will have a fabulous prize as her work is stunning.

Karon at Dream Acres is holding a giveaway too... lots of lovely scented goodies offered to a lucky person.

All this talk of giveaways makes me want to do one too. Pop back soon and I shall try to rustle one up.....

Have a great day whether cleaning, sewing, working or relaxing.
ginny x

Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5

I like Fridays... the end of the week and the promise of time spent with the family at the weekend, chilling out, eating pizza and watching trashy tv. My favourite Saturday programme is Merlin. VERY loosely based on Authurian legend. I always make time to sit down and watch it with the girls. They like sharing the experience with me. We have a giggle as King Uther has banned the practice of magic. One of our cats is called Magic so the girls think this is great fun and say.. 'Magic not allowed'!

This weekend is the School Christmas Fair. I like to help out but this year we are just going to enjoy attending it and support it in that way. They have gone to school in Mufti (no school uniform) today with a gift of small goodies for the fair in return for this treat. It should be fun.. wonder how i'll do on the bottle tombola this year. ... maybe a bottle of black tower ? .. my friend still hasn't drunk hers from last year! I luckily got a large bottle of good lager which was finished very quickly by my man.

Today I want to share this photo with you of my wee family who mean the world to me. I have it pinned to my pin board and a glimpse of it as i walk by always makes me feel so blessed. This was taken on Fathers day earlier this year on a lovely river walk. It was one of those days that are not planned but gently unfold and end up being perfect. One to remember when I am away from them.

Have a lovely weekend with your friends, family and loved ones... they are what life is all about.x

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shop update

I have finally got round to updating the shop and adding the latest flower brooches that i have made...

I have also braved the cold today and finally photographed (outside as the light was good) the remaining handmade decorative dolls and have added them at a reduced price.

Isadora is a decorative fairy doll perfect for the top of the tree. (has a hanging loop at the back of her neck) We only have six left now but they are dressed in a variety of wonderful vintage prints. Each doll has been lovingly designed and handmade by either Alice or myself and we really hope they will find new homes this Christmas. (they are boxed and i could really do with the space now as my studio is very cramped... hence the reduced prices).

Matilda is probably the doll that we have enjoyed making the most. We have three different Matildas left. I think this gold one is my favourite as i just love her skirt which is made from such a beautiful sumptuous piece of fabric.

Lastly our Flora gardener dolls, most sporting Liberty print Tana lawn blouses recycled from Liberty print blouses. They all wear a quirky little flowerpot hat and have an apron to keep their garden twine and seeds safe.

All the dolls are placed on a bed of raffia in a specially made and decorated box. They do make a lovely gift. Please take a look at the website at our other designs.
ginny x

Edit to add.... Author signed copies of our book Sew Fabulous Fabric now available here with free postage to the UK.
We have had a lovely review of the book in the latest issue of Sew Hip and I discovered by chance a great review here at Whip Up... a fabulous site that if you haven't come across it before I urge you to take a look. x G

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I am so happy to finally greet December...

Yesterday, on the first day of this new month the sun shone brightly. It was chilly but perfect. The best kind of Winter's day. I felt really uplifted and a sense of excitement about all the festivities to come. It was a good to be alive kind of day and despite my huge workload and deadlines I felt happy, and unusually calm.

This past week has seen the kittens finally enjoy a bit of freedom as they are now allowed out to roam. So many new exciting smells for them to follow and a new world for them to discover.
They are so funny to watch, particularly the tree climbing. Everyday since being 'free' they have both got stuck up trees. The neighbouring garden has 3 very tall pine/leyandi type trees. Straight long... very tall trunks with spindly drooping feathery pine style leaves. Well these trees are a magnet to the cats. Yesterday Paws was about 30 feet up. He was up there for about half an hour. His mewing was pitiful. Magic went up to join him, I thought to help him but then realised that it was only to get closer to a bird. They finally both climbed or should I say slid down to safety. I fear that this is going to be a daily occurrence and dread the day when they have put on a lot more weight and those spindly branches break!

After school the girls and I got out the Christmas box and started thinking about making some cards and tags. I had seen Clare's bauble tutorial and fancied having a go with the girls. The girls had other idea and stated making little gift dishes and Christmas cards and pictures using old Christmas cards...

I continued with Clare's tutorial and cut out 20 circles for one bauble...

The next stage I shall make a start on tonight. While all this was going on we were listening to Christmas music.. Santa baby, little drummer boy... that kind of easy listening thing to get in to the festive spirit. Whilst cutting up the old cards I remembered a gift tag that I saw on Caireen's blog which used an old greeting (a very pretty vinatge one), so I saved all the greetings from mine. I hope to stitch them on to cards or tags later.

Do check out Caireen's blog as she is posting each day of Advent with eco friendly and creative ways of gift wrapping.

Finally we lit the Advent candle and I read the girls the first chapter of this book about a boy who buys a magic Advent calender. (more info here).

Happy Advent and Happy December.
ginny x
p.s. please excuse the poor photos in this post.... black cats are hard to snap and it's too much hasseljust now to get the good camera out.x