Sunday, May 13, 2007

I love to take photos....

pink clemetis

I love taking photos, always have done.

I started when working with performing arts students, taking photos of their show dress rehearsals, to record the event and for costume reference. This was all done with a, now 'old fashioned' Minolta SLR camera. Digital cameras really have really transformed things. I am more snap happy than ever and clog up my computer with so many shots. I am in dire need of going through and editing them, but really can't spare the time as i'm too busy taking more!
The business has archive photos of pretty much most things we have ever made. This is good to jog the memory and is invaluable when repeat customers wish us to make new items to match.

Wisteria flowers

Tulip in bud

I have always enjoyed capturing a moment in time or recording something for reference. I am really inspired by the beautiful photographs i see on many blogs and I would love to experiment with photography further and learn more about lighting. I regulary take photos of my garden so that i can record that 'moment in time ' and the different stages of how the plants evolve. I keep these photos for my own pleasure but i would like to share these recent favourites with you. The clemetis is my absolute favourite as it is so delicate. I also love the effect of the blurred backgrounds in some of them.. not sure how it happened but am pleased with the results!

french bean .....just sprouting

forget me not

Thanks for letting me be self indulgent...Have a happy week.
G x


MILLY said...

Hi Ginny,
Lovely to get your comment, and better still it means I have found your blog. Really love your fabric workshop, wish I lived nearer and could call in and see it all. My growing piles of fabric are in my daughters old bedroom.She did her degree at Winchester school of art,finished 3years ago,so did come your way during that time.
I love sewing, but drawing is priority at the moment. Milly

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos - you're not being self-indulgent at all! The flash has just broken on our camera and I'm having to juggle at the moment! Hope you had a good weekend!

Jane said...

The photos are beautiful - I am very much point and press - and as you say, too trigger happy with the ease of sticking them all on the computer.


Forgetmenot said...

Hello Ginny,
what beautiful pictures from your garden; you have caught some very special moments, with the tulip in bud and the bean sprouting. Thank you for sharing them!

julie said...

beautiful photographs which perfectly sum up the wonder and magic of spring!

Candytuft Corner said...

Hello Ginny

Such pretty photographs - I love the clematis and the delicate forget-me-nots.

Marie x

ally said...

Your photos are lovely! The picture of the bean is amazing, it is really neat to see it just coming out! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos, Ginny! I love the sprouting french bean because it somehow gives off a feeling that something is coming to life. What I would recommend for you to do is to compile all your photos and convert them to 3-D images and use a special viewer to scroll through them with even more detail.

Francesca Slone @ Image 3D