Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rain rain....

What a rainy few days.

I rather like the rain, but for the kids on half term holiday it's always a shame if it goes on too long. But rain can be fun...we had a very wet walk to the post office yesterday and the kids loved splashing through the puddles on their scooters. Also its a good chance to do all those crafty things inside. The girls always get great crafty type birthday presents, there are some brilliant kits available to buy. Yesterday we did clickkits and paper coiling and this was the sight on our table on that wet soggy Bank Holiday Monday....( poor daddy had to work.. so we had a girlie day)

and the results...

decorated boxes with glittter inside, ontop , on the floor...pretty much everywhere.

and my eldest made this box and bracelet for her friends birthday.

I am pleased the sun is out as my smallest one has her friends' Garden party ' today....hope the weather holds. We have bought her friend some Charlie and Lola books. We love Charlie and Lola, created by Lauren Childs. Beautifully observed with great illustrations.

I should be tidying the house now as we have a family party later as my eldest turns 9 on Friday. We are taking a small group of girls to the cinema tomorrow, for a birthday treat... all a new thing for us as we usually do the traditional party thing but i have to accept that she is wanting more ' grown up ' parties. She does still want a pass the parcel though with forfeits!
Well i have put off that house cleaning for long enough so had better go and get on with it. Think i will recruit my 2 small helpers and hopefully make it a fun thing.
G x


ally said...
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ally said...

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

Ragged Roses said...

What a good way to spend time with the children. mine always love just sitting round the table and glueing and glittering. In fact, that's what we've got planned tomorrow, a whole day at home with no other distractions!
Kim x
PS Love Charlie and Lola too! Happy Birthday to your daughter

Jane said...

I bought some cheap key clips from ebay and the girls now spend ages making elaborate constructions to hang from them so that they can decorate their and their friends' school bags.
A less popular (with me) activity is turning cardboard boxes into dens for soft toys - this is fine for a day or two but then people start to leave things lying around on top of the boxes (horizontal surface, bad move) and the whole house seems to have a layer or rubble levitating a foot above the floor.
I love crafting with my daughters - they are so much more innovative than adults.