Monday, June 04, 2007

New dolls...

Introducing our new traditional rag doll.....

A sweet doll with stripey or spotty tights, little suede shoes, a swing jacket with outsize buttons and coordinating skirt ( either kilt style or gathered ). She has an embroidered face , jute locks and pretty hair ribbon. She does not (as yet) have a name.......

We have loved designing and making her and her friends. There are about 12 more finished and ready to photograph in a variety of different fabrics and colours.( will post these soon ).
These dolls have been individually designed and many of the fabrics and trims used are vintage and precious. They are designed as decorative dolls for adults and older children and their clothes are sewn fixed. So not really for young children unless used as an ornament and put out of reach of little hands until a bit older. ( not for under 3 years due to buttons and twine hair ).

We have not been able to agree on a name for her and welcome your comments and suggestions... please....

All our other dolls have a generic name, eg our fairy dolls are all called Isadora and our gardener dolls are all called Flora. These rag dolls are so individual that we can't decide if we should name them all individually or give them an overall generic name. Maybe their new families would prefer to choose the name ?

Here is another doll who we thinks looks very French ....maybe she should have a French name?

The kilt style skirt is a needlecord with a bold floral print and i love the jacket with the ric rac trim and retro buttons. Very stylish.

Other news.
My daughter had a lovely extended birthday this year... Family party on Thursday, Pirates of the Carribben birthday treat with her friends on Friday and the first b.b.q of the year spent with family friends on Saturday. We have all had some late nights this half term and the girls went back to school with hollow eyes this morning .. still they have had fun! So it is once again back to the normal routine of work during the school day and as we have less than 4 weeks to Hampton Court , work at any other time possible!
Have a good week.
G x


ally said...

I think the little one in the red and black looks like ~Clara~
and the little yellow one looks like ~Abbie~
I do not know why but when I looked at them that is what popped out.
Do let us know their names when you do choose.
Good Luck!

Jane said...

These are lovely - by co-incidence I have been working out a doll today - by request - it is a lot more difficult than it seemed when I used to do it in my late teens.
The blue/red french girl is lovely - Claudine was the name of my doll when I was little.

tash said...

What a lovely doll - I would've loved one of this when I was little! I can see a Rose and a Virginia there!

Have a good (and productive...) week!

the flour loft said...

Hi ally,
Thanks for suggestions .. will keep you posted. Trying to think of a name for you too for your face painting. Will comment if i come up with one.

Hi jane,
They are rather fiddly arn't they.. The faces once done we never change..some turn out quirky others more serene. Good luck with your doll hope you will post it when it's done.

Hi tash,
As a Virginia who doesn't often use the full name.. reminds me of being told off as a child..not sure about that one but Rose on the other hand is a beautiful name.. love your latest post with all your gorgeous roses.. your garden sounds like heaven!

ginny x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, we're all tired too after too many late nights in half term (the kids have gone back to school needing a holiday). The dolls are gorgeous, the top one really looks like my youngest, Esme - there's a suggestion. They are really beautiful.
Kim x

Raindrops said...

Dolls are lovely. Your theme could be flower/plant names? Rose, Poppy, Ivy, etc.
Happy Birthday to your daughter. Yes we all seem to be tired from the half term holidays. Tricia

Tracy said...

I love all the old fashioned names like Mabel, Maud, Doris, Matilda, Eve, Grace - they seem to suit those girls perfectly - or am i totally not "with it"!!!!!
Whatever you decide they are simply wonderful and i hope you sell as many as you can make.
Tracy x

ally said...

I have been think about the names again here are my Freach names....
Little yellow girl ~Amélie~Anaïs~Isabelle~Élodie~

Little black and red girl ~Capucine~Bernadette~Margaux~Zoé~

My head is all into this...I have no idea way.
I really love the little dolls.
I can not wait to find out their names!

cherry menlove said...

What wonderfull dressed ladies you have here! Can you make a yellow jacket like that for me? They are better dressed than I am!!!!!
Hee hee!

Love Cherry xx

cherry menlove said...

Oops! Typo in last comment. Too early!!!!!

C xx

carolyn said...

Hello just came over from Jane's (Snapdragon Garden), your dolls are delightful as is your blog which I have just been taking a look at.

Jane said...

Ginny - Sorry I don't know of any coloured hemp suppliers - how about dying it?

I have dyed bits of old hemp sheets before when they have been too stained to use,


Picture it in Stitches said...

Don't know about the french looking doll, but I think the lovely one with the beautiful yellow jacket looks like an Eleanor. Sarah x