Friday, June 15, 2007

day off?

Today is Friday my day off. No yoga today as the class has stopped till September. There are classes on other mornings when it's not possible for me to go. I shall have to remember to stretch when i can.. between the sewing machine and the ironing board i expect!.
I have done some useful things today. No .. not tidied up (although my brother in law and girlfriend are coming down from Leeds to stay tomorrow) . I really am good at putting that housework off till the last minute. No, I have actually washed and line dried some base cloth (a sustainable cotton/ hemp mix ) for our new shopper bags. Then the rain came. Just managed to get the first lot in and then rigged up this indoor line..

Did the trick and fabric is all pre shrunk and pressed. Lovely. Just need to applique them now... oh and sew them up. All the motifs and straps have been designed weeks ago, fabrics carefully selected and prepped ready to be applied. Here is my sample one which i am happily using.

They are a kind of anything bag. Our version of a nip to the veg shop bag, library bag or just fun shoulder bag to chuck everything in for a day out. They have an outside pocket for your purse so no rummaging deep and an inside key loop. We are gradually moving over to sustainable or organic base cloths wherever possible. This fits well with our recycled fabrics and ethos and just feels the right thing to do. We have wanted to do this for a while but for a small company like ourselves pricing has been and still is a consideration. Will post some others soon when they are completed. They are all different. We always individually design each item and use many varying fabrics. We usually do a limited number using the same fabric. In using recycled fabrics once a piece runs out then it's gone thus keeping products varied and we feel, more interesting. We have 6 motif designs.. won't spoil it but suffice to say i am still feeling fruity!

apple shopper

I have also spent lots of time reading and commenting on many blogs... well it is my day off ( not that i should have one as i've far too much to do ). Am over at the studio tomorrow so i don't feel guilty. I wanted also to say thank you to everyone who leaves comments here. We really appreciate them. There are a lots of questions out there on the ether at the moment that i have been enjoying today:
When does something become vintage?, questions about buying handmade or mass produced and what constitutes originality? Lots of food for thought. If you are interested in reading more the blogs are raindrops, snapdragon and gigibird.
Unfortunately i probably won't have much time to blog over the next few weeks in the build up to the Hampton Court Flower Show ( 2nd till the 8th July) . I will hopefully post some of our new stock for you to see though and also will take lots of photos of our stand etc to show on our return. Wish us luck.. this is a very big show for us and we are very nervous about it.
We are also busy redesigning the folkydokee website which needs to be up in early July to coincide with the show.. not sure if we are going to make that. We can but hope. I'm still photographing products each evening against a piece of painted shiplap propped up on my birthday present easel. Won it on ebay 18 months ago with the intention of doing some painting but haven't quite got around to it. Still it has been useful for the photos!
Have a great weekend.


the flour loft said...

Glad to see you've done our washing - Me - I've done a big guilty nothing!!!!! See you at the studio. A x

Jane said...

I find photographing things very difficult - there always seems to be some domestic detritus or bit of blue climbing frame in the back of the shot to distract the eye. Seemingly if I got my finger out and learned how to use photoshop for more than cropping I could solve this. But how likely is that?

The bags are very stylish - I assume these are going to the CL Pavilion - they have good long straps.

I was really pleased with the high level of conversation on my blog about handmade - it was interesting to me and I'm grateful that people were honest. I think that an honest discussion about the price of materials and ingredients would also be interesting.

Happy washing, at least when you hang lots of material the same colour it looks arty.


Tracy said...

your new bag design is wonderful - but i agree that it is so difficult to convince customers to part with that little extra for an ethical item.
sending you a HUGE amount of luck (and hugs to you both) for the big event - hope you sell heaps and heaps.
tracy x

Gigibird said...

Thank you so much for the mention:)
It was such a surprise to see it!
I have the same green Liberty fabric you've used on the handles of your new bags.
I am so delighted how bags such as yours are so popular especially with the young.

Raindrops said...

Love the bags. I am hoping to go to the Hampton Court show so if I do I will say hello. I bought a few months back a light box off eBay and I have only just managed to get it out. I still need to take loads of photos for the web site but I also find it difficult to get a photos I like. And the time to fit it all in. Tricia

carolyn said...

Best of luck with Hampton Court and the website.

Marie said...

Good luck with the Hampton Court Show Ginny. We will be thinking of you and looking forward to seeing the photos when you get back.

Marie x

the flour loft said...

thanks to you all for the kind and supportive comments. Please do come and say hello Tricia and anyone else who can make it to the show.. it's suposed to be a lovely one to visit. We are in the country living pavillion. stand number CLM/47. Oh and are business name is
'folkydokee handmade'.
Still can't believe we are really doing it!
ginny x

Victoria May Plum said...

I'm loving those bags. They look very well made, and great quality, as well as being some great original designs. Well worth the extra little bit I think.
Good luck with the show.
Victoria x

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with Hampton Court, hope you are a huge success! Love that bag, lovely design.
Kim x

Suzie Sews said...

Really interesting post today. Thanks
Suzie Sews

tash said...

It's really good to see that you're using ecologically-sensitive fabrics - this is a trend I'm glad to see is spreading! The Co-Op is now doing fairly-traded cotton bags, and is the first supermarket to do so - this has to be a good step :)

I must say I *love* the bag you (?) are modelling in the photo - especially the applique, very pretty and feminine.

Have a lovely, restful week!