Friday, June 29, 2007

Countdown....Days 4 and 3

Just a quick post tonight as i'm tired and need to get up at 6am bed is calling.
Yesterday was a chill out day. Catching up with household tasks.. like buying food, laundry..etc.. preparing for a week with me working long hours. The kids are excited as with both myself and my 'lovely' man back late they will be playing with friends every day after school and even having a few sleepovers. I also had a very early night, last night.. 9.30.. unheard of for me. I needed it as working a show can be exhausting.. on your feet all day.. long days.. chatting (well we are both very good at that).

Today was filled with final labelling, packaging and paperwork type things. Postcards have arrived and look good and the van is now packed thanks to Alice's 'lovely' man. (yes he really is lovely too). Tomorrow we leave early to go and set up and paint, put up shelves and get the space ready to display our stock.

Thank you everyone who has left supportive comments. I will leave you with some pictures of our fairie doll. We call her Isadora. Her dress is made from floral fabrics, mostly vintage , some retro , all with beautiful vintage lace trims. She has twine hair and and embroidered wings.


Hair and dress detail

Retro, wildflowers Isadora

Isadora Fairie ( late 40's/early 50's floral)

I am away now to dream with the fairies....


Tracy said...

sending a whole heap of love and luck to you both x
see you back here on the other side!!
tracy x

Jane said...

One of the women who has influenced me most in my life was an artist friend who sadly died a couple of years ago. When she was in her 50s she decided that shop bought clothes didn't suit her - she designed a couple of caftan dresses with embroidered yokes and had them made up.

I never saw her in anything else - one of her dresses was very like the blue dress of your Isadora doll.

I always feel guilty about the children when I hit a busy patch - but you are quite right, they lovce the change of routine - mine eat much better at other people's houses and have a good practice at employing good manners (sadly lacking on home turf).

Have a lovely time at the show -

carolyn said...

More lovely dolls! Have a wonderful (and profitable) time at the show.

Gigibird said...

Never a dull moment!
I feel I should be helping in some way....the crafting equivalent of rolling bandages?

Nonnie said...

Good luck with the setting up and the show itself. I'm sure with all the lovely things you have to sell it will be a huge success and worth all the hard work. Hoping for a drier week than last week for you. On the other hand maybe a bit of rain will force the visitors away from the show gardens and into the tents for lots of shopping!