Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Countdown......Day 6

Hello again..
This countdown may not be a good idea as it is making me rather anxious as i can visibly see the days slipping by. But we do have a saying here at The Flour Loft.....

' We can only do what we can do'.

This i discovered recently is a well know saying from Hazel. (Alice's mum). She has a lot of others too and in a recent debate on what constitutes being a homemaker she shared another one.

'You don't have to be at home all day to be a homemaker'.

Again...it's a case of ...'we can only do what we can do'. We all seem to set unrealistic targets for ourselves and then beat ourselves up when we can't attain them...Sorry this wasn't where i was going with today's post.

Well back to Hazel and also Jane's comment here yesterday.

' What would we do without mothers eh?

Hazel as i have said is Alice's mum. To call her eccentric is an understatement. She is outspoken, lovable, warm and kind. (a bit like her daughter!) I'm the quiet one.. hadn't you guessed?
She has been with us in the studio today carefully putting raffia in to our specially made boxes for our collectable dolls. It's been great fun to have her around and she really has displayed them beautifully. We are very fortunate to have really supportive families who help out by giving their time either by looking after the children or with little jobs now and then. Thanks folks. x

We have finally agreed on a name for our traditional style rag doll. After lovely suggestions and comments (i did rather liked Esme), we have decided not to individually name her but like all our other dolls give her a generic name . We are calling her Matilda.

This was one of lovely Tracy's suggestions , so Tracy if you are reading this please email us with your postal address and favourite colour and we would like to send you one of our flower brooches as a thank you.
Here are a few of the new Matilda dolls we will be taking to the show.

Matilda Rose with vintage box pleat skirt, suede jacket with delicate vintage rose trim.

Matilda gold's skirt is made from a beautiful vintage brocade and the jacket is linen with ric rac trim.

Matilda Oilily has an 80's Oilily fabric skirt, bright pink silk jacket and green hair ribbon.

Matilda flowers with box pleated skirt made from a vintage floral fabric (we believe late 40's or early 50's ) , needle cord jacket with lace detail and lilac hair ribbon.

I think my favourite is Miss Oilily. I think she looks rather well groomed and sweet. (not at all like me at this precise moment.. wonder if i can fit a hair cut in before the show? )

Till tomorrow...


Ragged Roses said...

Matilda Oililly is my fav too! They are all beautiful though. I agree with you totally about us all setting ourselves unrealistically high standards!! Have a good day
Kim x
Glad you liked Esme!

Nonnie said...

My Mum and Dad are visiting the show next week with my Aunty and Uncle so I will tell them to look out for your stand. I'm sure my Mum would love all your things. Really like your saying of 'we can only do what we can do'. Might have to adopt that one myself as I always seem to be beating myself up about not getting everything done, even though I know I achieve a lot.

Marie said...

Oh Ginny,

They are all lovely! Don't forget to take a moment now and then to relax - show preparations can be frantic in my experience...and I haven't done any big shows!

Take Care, Marie

Raindrops said...

All looks fantastic I am sure you will do well . Tricia

French Knots said...

The Matilda's are all lovely, I especially like the third one in her golden shades.
Like ' we can only...' will try and keep it in mind when trying to do too much, as usual!
Hope the preparations continue to go well