Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Countdown.. Day 5

Arrived early this morning to the studio before Alice. Her lovely mum had only gone and swept the floor for us! Something we often forget in our haste to leave to go and collect the kids from school. And the table tops were cleared... which was great as we have one last lot of cutting out to do, which is now complete.
The post brought a proof of our new postcard which my lovely man ( he really is lovely... and he makes jam!) and I put together. It looked good so rang and ok ed them to go ahead and print. We had a brochure produced 18 months ago which is now out of date so thought a postcard reminder showing new products with our web address on would be good as brochures are costly to do and are a lot of work. Hopefully people who like our stand will pick one up for future reference.
It's been a finishing off day today really.... which is good ..but we want to make a few extras's best to make as much as we can as you can never have too much stock. From our point of view the joy of what we do is that everything varies... it makes it interesting for us and stretches our creativity. Although at stressful times like this maybe we question why we do it , as working up to a big show hand making all of our products is tough, we do have so much fun and really do love what we do. Our stuff whether you like our style or not really is handmade with love and care. We are always striving to improve and perfect although the fact that we hand make and that we are humans and not machines give rise to gentle variations, textural imperfections... you know what i mean. that handmade quality, which we rather like. It's getting late and I'm rather waffling.. something i could win prizes at...
Sorry no photos today .. I started this post earlier, then bathed and put girls to bed , then supper..... a bit of glueing and sticking ( making my youngest's carnival costume) , taking a few photos.... and now I'm writing this on the laptop.. a very old one acquired from a friend but with no photos stored on it. My 'lovely' man ( must find him a blog name) is on the main computer where all the pictures are and has just informed me that he is killing the old website! ooh... new one not ready but soon.. hopefully....!
I'm off to bed now... night night.


Jane said...

Breathe deeply Ginny. Do you find,as I have, that in fact the last minute rush of things made are the ones that often sell last?

I am always convinced that there is a certain something that leaves the things that I make if I get stressed. It isn't anything to do with the make quality - if I ask someone to tell from the outside they can't but I know whether something was truly made with love or really with a bit of a stressed "must get this done 'cos I need the stock to take with me or I'll have an empty stall"

Your new stock all looks lovely, uncluttered and a nice change to all the rosebuds and gingham that are on other stalls at these things.

I'm sure that it will all be fine,


the flour loft said...

I am breathing deeply and i so agree with all you say. (you sound just like Alice)!
No stress here today.. it really is all coming together now.
Thanks Jane... so appreciate your comments.

Ragged Roses said...

Good to have a finishing off kind of day! Hopefully soon you'll be having an enjoying it all kind of day too.
Kim x

Tracy said...

ekkkkk - i have not been by for a few days- i am so touched that you are calling those beautiful girls the Matilda dolls!
sorry if i am being dim but i cannot see an email address?
it could just be me - bleary eyed from all the packing and dust clearing!
glad to see the countdown is going well x
tracy x

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
Have just emailed you x

Thanks Kim
We are at that last minute anticipation mixed with excitement stage.. we are really proud of our new products and here's to an enjoying it all day!
Will keep you posted as to how we are received.
ginny x

Gigibird said...

I've just had to sip on some brandy - a man who makes jam? I have one that eats it;-)
I am starting to get tense with this countdown!
I'm sure it isn't cheap - your stand so it makes sense to take as much as you can and make the most of the opportunity.

the flour loft said...

Hi gigibird...
Maybe the countdown was a bad idea.. was starting to feel tense too.. hence a chill out day with no post yesterday. My man want's me to clarify that he also fixes motorbikes, loves football and getting p***ed.
ginny x

carolyn said...

I've really been enjoying your count down and especially like your dolls. Best of luck and the show, looking forward to maybe seeing pictures of your stand?

French Knots said...

Hope it goes really well, your work is so lovely that I'm sure you'll have a brilliant show!