Monday, May 07, 2007

A little thing called love...

After 2 days of nursing a very sick child i am now recovered (as is she) and am very loved up after witnessing such a beautiful wedding this weekend. When we finally knew our eldest was almost back to normal after her sickness bug we decided, after all to settle the girls with my folks and to go to Norfolk as planned for a wedding celebration. It's not often my husband and i get a chance to go away alone and we were like excited children. After a long 5 hour journey ( friday rush hour on a bank holiday weekend on the m25 at 4.30pm..hmm... not a good idea), we arrived at the hotel. A rather grand hotel, so very different from our usual camping breaks! As i 'd had little sleep with my sick girl the previous night, i slept like a log. The wedding was the next day in a beautiful little church near Beccles in Suffolk.

It was my friend Melinda's wedding to her man Nick. The day was gorgeous with everyone in great spirits and the weather glorious. We had not met Nick before but as they spoke their vows i could see his face and the pure love and adoration in his eyes. I know they will be truly happy and am delighted that my friend has found such joy. The service was beautiful and the female vicar, full of enthusiasm, gave a great speech on marriage, companionship and love. On how to allow each other the space to blossom and of endurance to work through the difficult times. During our 10 year marriage we have dealt with loss, illness and much change but also joy, delight, fun and laughter.
Thank you to my kind, loving, slightly eccentric man for sticking with this quirky, slightly crazy girl. x (and here's hoping for another 10 years +).


Jane said...

Sick children are so frightening - they seem to get sick so quickly - I'm glad that she is better.

Both Jo and Sally who work with me had sick toddler's last week - poor little characterless bundles in car seats, not their usual feisty babbling girls at all. Thank goodness they are both on the mend too.

The heart picture is lovely - very simple and stylish,


Victoria May Plum said...

What a lovely and romantic post. I'm so glad that your little one is better now. It is so sad when they are poorly, and so lovely to see them gett better again.
Victoria x

Primrose Hill said...

Love the heart - glad your little one is better and you enjoyed the wedding.
L x

Tracy said...

Just found your blog and had to read it all - lovely x
Your buisness sounds wonderful - the fact that you share it with a good friend and get to drink tea, sing and dance is just perfect! Cannot wait to see more of your creations.
Tracy x

the flour loft said...

Oh no - you've heard the expression more haste less speed. Guess who should have cut round the brooches before zig zagging - that's your fault for gassing too much! See you in the morning you old romantic!
Al x

Ragged Roses said...

A lovely post, thank you! Glad your child is better too, it's scary when they're so ill. Lovely heart!
Kim x