Monday, January 21, 2008

Handmade Fabric Dolls

1. Vintage Isadora 2. Esther 3. Flora
4. Vintage Charity 5. Matilda Jade, Matilda Button 6. Rose
7. Retro Isadora 8. Raspberry Isadora 9. Charity

I have been playing with photoshop and have put together a few of the dolls we have made in the past. We love making the dolls and each one takes on its own personality. Once the face has been stitched we never change it. Some look wistful, whilst others look cheeky. All the dolls pictured, except the Retro Isadora have found new homes.
Other available dolls can be found on our website.

Tomorrow I will work at the college in the morning and then whizz down to the studio at lunchtime to meet Alice. Over the next month we will be sorting through our stock and fabrics and deciding what to keep, what to sell off and what to donate to local schools. We are sad to be leaving our Flour Loft Studio, but excited at what the freedom of not running the business will bring. We will also be putting our business name 'folkydokee handmade' to rest and will in the future collaborate under our own names of Alice and Ginny. Our website will eventually change it's name and any future work either together or individually will be linked from there.

My next job is to convert my outside garden building into an arty, crafty, sewing home studio for all the family. I am thinking that if i blog about the progress of this project that it'll give us a focus and a kick up the arse and hopefully we will get it done in the Spring.
Tomorrow is Monday, hope your weekend was good, enjoy the week.


French Knots said...

What lovely dolls you make.
It's a good time of year for a big sort out, clear the decks for the year ahead sort of thing. Hope the move to your new studio does smoothly!

Kitty said...

Beautiful dolls - so simple and beautiful for that. x

Anonymous said...

I've always loved your dolls they do seem to have their own characters. A studio in the garden sounds wonderful, my husband has an office in the garden but unfortunately it seems to have become a dumping ground for him. Actually he also has a garden shed/workshop so I think I should have the office - dont you?

Gigibird said...

The workshop/workspace sounds like a wonderful project to focus on.
I think even though The Flour Loft has ended you remain great friends. This is a new chapter for the both of you.

Samantha said...

It all sounds very exciting and I hope there are pllenty of nre opportunities for you both!

Jane said...

I am beginning to find that businesses move through many different phases - the moving from the flower loft and the changing from Folkydokey to Alice and Ginny is just one of these. The most important thing is the future and friendship. And probably not having to churn anything out . . .
The vomiting bug thing has headed north and attacked me so I am under a blanket in the living room trying to rewrite and declutter my website.(with breaks for blogging obviously)
I envy your new studio - when do you think it will be up and running?

Ragged Roses said...

What beautiful dolls Ginny. They do each seem to have their own character. Good luck with your new projects. I think I could do with a proverbial kick!

Florence said...

Hi Ginny, thank you for your funny comment on my blog...when you put it like that, yes it sounds thoroughly weird...just wait to see what we are able to make of yours! Trousers are actually my pyjamas (eek - am now appalled that I have blogged myself in them - just not dignified! Will wait with anticipation for a coming-out-in-sympathy photo of a bed-socked Ginny to appear on yours!).

It sounds like such a time of change for you...but like Jo (French Knots) said, it's is the right time of year for it; somehow doing something at the start of the year can feel very productive and like a positive conscious step forward...mid-year and it can feel altogether different. I do hope you have the most lovely year putting all your plans into action.

Gorgeous dolls too! x

caireen said...

looking forward to shots of your "new creative space" - it's exciting!! Cx

Raindrops said...

Hope we will see before and after picture of our new studio. Love the dolls. Tricia

Joanna said...

Your dolls look great all put together. All the developments sound very exciting. I'm going to be making our summer house into a studio can't wait to do it.