Thursday, January 17, 2008

More blue...

It does seem that i am drawn to the colour blue at the moment. I don't feel 'blue', but i do feel somewhat reflective lately. I suppose January always is a bit like this for me..... and this year things are changing. I have started my new job and after an intensive first week filled with a full on but extremely informative induction course, i can now gently ease myself in to the day to day practicalities of the job and get to know some of the new faces about on the campus.

Alice and i are still meeting up regularly at the studio and are into first layout stage of the book. We have just seen the mock up for the cover design, so all very very exciting. It really does seem real now, although i know i will still have to keep pinching myself when i see a finished copy!

Thank you for all the bed sock love.. a banal question i know but so happy i got your feedback. I do suffer from cold extremities and often try and warm my feet up on my husband' lovely toasty ones but i usually get kicked off (my feet are very icy). So socks in bed for me. The ones my grandmother used to knit were of the lacey variety with tie cords and pom poms, she probably had a matching bed jacket pattern too. So you see, if worn with a 60's style 'baby doll' nighty and matching bed jacket, i'm sure bed socks can be sexy after all.??

The above photo shows a little brooch i knitted for my sister. It is taken from a kids how to knit book (usbourne) which was a present to my youngest at Christmas. .. yes and i've knicked it! As i have said before i am the least knit one, in my family but i have recently found a renewed interest so any good knitting sites or book suggestions would be gratefully received.
Roll on the weekend.. nearly there. Enjoy.


Kitty said...

That's a beautiful little brooch. I love blue too. x

Jane said...

I think the blue things is perhaps a reaction to the red of Christmas -aclean cool start to the new year.
I have been knitting too - wee cashmere bunnies that can be done while watching telly and an elephant for a friend's new baby,
Glad the job is ging well

Joleo said...

That brooch looks like the perfect sized knit project - I'm still working on a scarf I started about 3 years ago - and it's so pretty too.

Florence said...

Gosh, your life sounds busy at the moment! How exciting to be in the more final stages now with the book though!

Gorgeous brooch! x

Gigibird said...

I think I have found the answer to your (and mine) cold feet dilemma....there's a thing - looks like a plate that you microwave and it stays warm for 8 hours. I will be treating myself to one very soon.
I will email you the link (when I find it!)