Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For Florence

Thank you Florence for nominating me for this Blog award...

....and now you get to find out 7 weird things about me.

I feel, as i am sure most who have joined in this tag feel, that i am not at all weird .. i am just me... so with help from my beloved who says all of me is weird here are my offerings into weirdness.

1. According to my husband when i talk , the end of my nose wiggles in a ' cute bunny way' (his words!). When this is pointed out to me i feel very self conscious, so if you meet me .... please don't look at my nose!!

2. I have only ever had 2 cups of coffee in my entire life. The first one ... weak and milky, at age 16 at my school leavers do... yuk! ... and the second one when i brought an old boyfriend a small stove top two cup expresso maker.. so very strong and very yuk! I have a real aversion to coffee and can even taste it if my tea is sugared and stirred with a spoon which has just been used to make a coffee. When my mother in law used to come and visit (she is sadly no longer with us), she would always bring a cake. Her specialities were coffee and chocolate. How i prayed for it to be chocolate as i never could say i didn't like the coffee one for fear of offending her.

3. Kissing my girls on the cheek......One of my best feelings ever is giving my girls a big hug and kissing them on the cheek. It makes my heart soar... the only problem is that it has to be on the lovely baby soft fleshy part of their cheek. I hate it when their hair gets in the way or if they turn their head and you get a mouthful of ear. Is that weird? maybe?

4. Ahh ... the yellow cup. Well this one maybe is a weird one but i am sure some of you will understand. I cannot bring myself to drink out of a yellow cup. Yes this is completely irrational and i don't know where it stems from, although my grandmother had negative associations with the colour yellow to the extent of not having anything yellow in the house. As a result my poor grandad had to watch snooker on a black and white telly. I am happy to say that i am not that extreme. My issue is with the yellow cup. The fear is of something bad happening if i drink out of it. It makes me mad for i know that it is crazy for a cup to hold such power. I expect that one day i will forget and drink out of it and all will be ok but until then if you ever stop by for tea be prepared to be given the yellow cup for i am not allowed to get rid of it as my husband loves it. I shall stick to my blue cup.

5. When someone touches the back of my neck i shiver. This combined with the fact that when i was in my early teens my sister used to force cut my hair and then leave it half done because i moved slightly, means that I 'm not keen on going to the hairdressers. The last time i went was at least 7 months ago. I usually only have my hair cut twice a year. It does save a lot of money. The crazy thing is that i always feel so much better about myself when i have a good haircut. I am getting a birthday haircut in a few weeks... (hoping to cut a few years off).

6. I absoluetly can't spell.... yes i know ..... that dotted red spell check line and i are great friends. My girls are much better than me at spelling and now have realised that if they want to know how to spell something they need to ask daddy or use a dictionary as mummy is rubbish.

7. I am always cold. As a previous post admits i suffer from icy cold feet. I also more often than not, have a cold nose. My circulation is pretty bad and i really do feel the cold. I do not possess bed socks as such but invariably keep my socks on when i go to bed. Sorry Florence .. no bedsock picture i'm afraid. I also keep most of my clothes on too when i first get into bed until i get too hot and overheat as my husband is really a radiator in disguise. Improving my circulation in an ongoing challenge.

Well, that was hard to do.. so i won't nominate anyone else but please do partake if you would like to reveal your weirdness.

... and as Florence said of her weird reveal..... 'after that, i do hope that you will still want to be my friend!'

This post is also for my lovely friend Sarah who i know reads my blog. Hope this makes you smile!


Ginnie said...

Funny! And I often have a cold nose, too. From another Ginnie (there aren't many of us, are there?).

Florence said...

Oh Ginny! How exciting to have a post dedicated to me (very flattered...despite the dedication coming from someone who's clearly a loon! But yes, with such endearing nose wiggling of course I would still want to be your friend).

I share your dislike of coffee (one cup on my wedding day and that's it), but in a double weirdness twist, I adore coffee cake and coffee sweets!

Gosh, what a sweet Grandfather to allow his television to be controlled in such a way (I can't imagine that it is a satisfying game to watch in B&W...) it is small wonder that you have an aversion to yellowness in some way - and a yellow cup phobia sounds as though you got off very lightly indeed.

Likewise with the spelling (although I love words, I just can't spell them easily) posts are fine...but comment boxes are a nightmare, perhaps we should campaign to Blogger for a spellchecker here too!


Katherines Dream said...

Well have you ever tried Ugg boots...I know they may not be the prettiest of boots but once you have a pair you will not take them off, honest. I love mine and want more! although my hub teases me when I wear them!
You will not have cold feet in again....
Carol xx

the flour loft said...

I wouldn't describe you as wierd Gin, just quirkey and I wouldn't want you any other way!!
All my love
A x

the flour loft said...

looks like I can't spell either (although I'm usually very good) Gotta good excuse though! A x

caireen said...

I probably like you all the more for being a bit eccentric (in a good way!) - I have an aversion to buttons (and not alone, a few people have this) - they make me feel a bit queasy, like they are 'unclean'!!