Friday, July 18, 2008

for Tracy

Tracy at Pink Purl invited me ages ago to play a meme. It's a mix up , getting to know you snapshot.
It has similar bits in to one i have already done but here goes... this is for you Tracy x

What was i doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago i was living in North London in a tiny flat with my 6 week old baby girl, very bad mastitis and was getting no sleep. It was worth it though as that sweet baby is now a beautiful happy 10 year old.

Five things on my to do list:

1. put away clean washing (always on my to do list)
2. finish making teacher thank you gifts with my girls as schools out for Summer next week...yeah!
3. buy a new washing up bowl as the last one is now our 'sick bucket' yuk!
4. finish the final t & g in the workshop and paint it.
5. make myself a fairy godmother wand.

Five snacks i enjoy:

1. black kalamanta olives 2. chocolate chip cookies 3. milk chocolate 4. cheddar cheese 5. dried apricots.

Five places i have lived:

1.north London 2. Leeds 3. York 4. south London 5. Hampshire

Things i would do if i was a millionaire:

1. live in a sustainable environmentally sensitive home and be self sufficient. To have some land for lots of outbuildings and space for fruit and veg growing and hens and animals.
2. give to my family and friends to help give them financial security.
3. use my money to help others by giving charitable donations.
4.take lots of courses to satisfy my creative urges and to explore my interests. e.g. pottery for starters... then natural dyeing...willow weaving...wood carving...ecology... design...etc etc...
5. Support local artists and craftspeople by commissioning their work and to put money into supporting creative and arts projects within my local community.

Not sure if i am meant to pass this on but if you fancy playing please feel free to do so.

photos from sweetmyrtle


Tracy said...

Such fun to read your meme, Ginny! Thanks for playing a long ;o) Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Alice said...

What a hippy!
A x

Kitty said...

It's always good to learn more about the person behind a blog. I've done this one and am so glad you did it too. x

Wild Rose said...

Oh my goodness Ginny, we must have been following each other around! I worked in Leeds and lived in Harrogate!!

I share many of your wishes to live sustainably and take courses to satisfy my creativity.

Now making a fairy godmother wand sounds fun...

Marie x

Wild Rose said...

P.S. I've also lived in North London and the edge of South London!

LOUISE said...

I have done this meme, nice answers Ginny, and a good way to get to know everyone a little better. Mum always kept an old enamel potty under my bed, I think a new washing up bowl is definitely in order. Chocolate seems an all time favourite with everyone. x

pebbledash said...

Great answers Ginny! Have you made your fairy godmother wand yet? Do show... Hope you enjoyed a sunny weekend. Diana xx