Monday, July 14, 2008

my favourite kind of day

We have had a mixed few weeks here... with both good news and bad.
Firstly the joy of a new little soul and then the sadness of learning that a friend of ours had tragically lost her 3 year battle against breast cancer.
Life's preciousness has been very much in the forefront of our minds and it has made us more determined than ever to live for the moment and to fully embrace life and to give our children happy times and good memories.

Yesterday was a well needed lovely low key day with the four of us just hanging out together, with good measures of pottering and relaxing. These kind of days with simple pleasures are my favourite and days that i feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy. These are some of the things we got up to.

My little ones planted out their seedlings... polly pansies, calendulas and pumpkins.

My eldest painted the bricked up wall of the workshop with a tiny paintbrush and a sample pot which is all we had left of the colour as the paint it seems is now discontinued. She did a great job.

I pulled some rhubarb and made us all crumble for lunch - one plain and one with our raspberries added in and served with vanilla ice cream...delicious.

The girls merrily played with pebbles in the pebbley bit of the garden and lined up their finds on a chair which we were under strict instructions not to move. They also made a den with windbreaks around the climbing frame where they made up all sorts of wonderful games, of which little snippets were a delight to hear!

We also spotted a large hoverfly on the sage bush and luckily managed to get a shot of it...

I think R was avoiding tackling the last bit of the workshop as instead he made these two covers for the salad bed out of some of our offcuts of wood.

but the biggest distraction on Saturday was seeing this arbour seat in the sale at £75 at our local garden centre... i could not believe it as they retail at over £300. I set my heart on this style of seat ages ago but had just resigned myself that i could never justify buying one. It is perfect and i bought it with my 40th birthday money which i had been saving. So last night was spent relaxing there with my beau after the girls had gone to bed.

Before i sign off, I would like to say a huge thank you to lovely Diana at Pebbledash who's kindness this week has overwhelmed me. She has been making these beautiful sketch books recently and ran a little giveaway to win one. She then decided to make one for everyone that left a comment. Three beautiful doodle books arrived with a bundle of lovely tags and some 'delightful 'chocolate. The girls and i love them and daddy was very interested in the chocolate! Diana has a lovely calming blog with gorgeous photos and lots of creativity. Do pop over and say hello.

So a good day yesterday but now i have a very poorly girl at home who woke up with a sickness bug at 3am this morning. She is asleep at the moment, hence the chance to post. Better get back to the housework now before small gets home from school... it's been nice to check in though as i have been a little absent lately.
Have a lovely week everyone!
g x


Sal said...

I love those arbour seats..what a bargain!;-)

raining sheep said...

Beautiful little Arbour. I want to get one somewhat like that maybe next year for my garden. Simple pleasures with loved ones are just the best thing. As usual, your images are absolutely lovely.

pebbledash said...

Hello Ginny, lovely photos (and at Sweet Myrtle) and lucky you getting a bargain with your new arbour seat. Perfect place for a glass of wine in the evening!I'm so pleased you all liked your little parcel. Hope eldest is feeling better, too. Have a happy week. Diana xx

Pipany said...

Oh Ginny, I was wondering if you were ok and was going to email you - think I read something you posted on Diana's comments that made me think things weren't so good. I am so sorry to hear of your friend. It is odd how often it seems one life enters as another has to leave, making everything so much more poignant. Take time to grieve and cry lots - it really does help.

Your day with your family sounded just the right thing. Rhubarb crumble - yum! Gorgeous pictures and I was lucky enough to get one of Diana's packages too! She is such a sweetie isn't she?

Heaps of hugs and love xx

Kitty said...

Awww, I hope your poorly girl gets well soon - there seem to be some nasty bugs around this summer.

That arbour is gorgeous - no wonder you snapped it up.

I agree that those 'simple' days are often the best - just being together is what's really important. Sorry to hear of your loss - so sad.

Take care. x

French Knots said...

Sorry for your loss, take lots of time to sit in your lovely arbour and watch the children play. x

driftwood said...

it sounds like you've found some lovely positive things to focus on, sorry for the loss of your friend. xx

this is my patch said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I know only too well how devastating breast cancer can be, I feel very sad for all and thanks for the reminder that every day is precious. I am so glad you enjoyed your day and everyone has been keeping very busy, including that hoverfly you have captured so well. I daresay not much effort went into devouring that lovely rhubarb crumble and relaxing with your beau on that lovely arbour. I have only just recently discovered Diana's Pebbledash blog and I really like it. I do hope eldest is feeling better now. x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Ginny..
I am so sorry that your heart is heavy with the loss of your friend... Losing loved ones is very difficult to comprehend. I have lost two friends to cancer this year and it really does focus the mind on what is important in life..
Enjoy these golden days of summer when they come along and try and embrace all the happiness that each day brings..
With love
Thinking of you

PerfectMomentProject said...

So sorry about your loss. Fighting cancer through Pure Joy every day. Here's a lesson I took from a survivor this week. Love to have you check out my Perfect Moment Project.