Thursday, July 24, 2008

thank you's and moving on...

The school term has now finished for the Summer and brings the mixed emotions of the excitement of lazy days and holidays but also the sadness of saying goodbye to special teachers and of the anticipation of moving on to the next stage.

My youngest will be moving on to a different school in September so it was a final goodbye to the fantastic infant school which has nurtured her for the past three years and her sister for three years before that. It was also time for me to say goodbye as a parent. We are all ready to move on but will remember this very special school with such gratitute and warmth as it truly has given both my girls the most amazing start to their school lives.

On the whole I believe that a School Education is a good thing but feel that it is so important for schools to give each individual child the freedom to experience and develop in their own special ways. I base less emphasis on the academic results but in nurturing a child's spirit and desire to embrace the world and everything around them. I do not agree with the testing as i know many teachers do not either, especially with such little ones!

I wish for my children to have a good all round experience at school, to be inspired by the wonder of nature, to learn by doing, to build their confidence and excitement about life, to follow their dreams and to be sensitive and caring to others. This school has provided the tools to inspire learning and really has complemented the philosophies that i hold and that we practice at home.....except the large amounts of homework!... i do like my girls to have lots of unstructured down time when they drift off into the most amazing imaginative play.

My youngest who loves to sew wanted to make some thank you gifts. She had a clear idea of what she wanted to do and designed some lavender cushions with each of her teachers in mind choosing the colours that she thought they would like. She stitched and stuffed them herself and i just helped when instructed.

My eldest also made a gift for her teachers (sadly no photo). It was a lovely fimo plaque with the words 'the best teachers' on it. She said that they really liked it and were going to put it up in the class. Her teachers have been fantastic too and she has grown so much this year.

All the teachers got some 'divine' chocolate too... it felt mad buying so many bars at once and if you are wondering... yes we couldn't resist getting a bar for us to enjoy too! Some special teachers received green and blacks mint or orange chocolate instead. And the caretaker even got some dark chocolate accompanied by a hand written card thanking him for , 'cleaning up my sick'! Not a nice job and definately deserved some chocolate don't you think?

So today is the first day of our holiday... the girls are playing in the garden, the collared doves are cooing, the sun is out , i am just about to hang out my washing, which is one of my favourite household jobs. What bliss.
Have an appointment to sort through fabrics later as i am finally moving into the new space... will be back later in the week with more on that.
Happy days and happy holidays to you all!
g x


Tracy said...

mmm...chocolate...Everyone loves a gift of chocolate--perfick! ;o) The school experience is a mixed bag isn't many emotions connected with education. I hope all will go well with school change in the fall. No doubt thesedays are heady with nostalgia...Enjoy the summer holidays, soak it all in...Happy Days ((HUGS))

willow said...

Hope you all have a good summer holiday Ginny. The weather today is perfect lazy summer weather but apparently thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow - a good excuse to go into the garden and make the most of the sunshine.

Gem said...

I'm sure the teachers will have been delighted with their lovely presents. It's so sweet that your children wanted to make something themselves for them :) Hope you have a fabulous summer x

Simone said...

I feel sad at the end of the term too. I am also happy that the holidays are here! I bet the teachers were really happy with their hand made gifts and with the addition of chocolate!

Kitty said...

No.1's teacher was leaving to go on maternity leave so I made a sock monkey for the baby. No.2's teacher is very 'bookish' so we gave a book token, knowing she'd really enjoy it. Your girls' gifts are gorgeous. It is a very poignant time - as you say, a mixture of sadness and excitement.

I'm really pleased to hear you're ready to move into your studio: how exciting!


Cowboys and Custard said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the nurturing of children and letting them find themselves without the constraints of the national curriculum.
I hope your daughter will be very happy at her new school Ginny.. it is such a big step in her life and yours!
Happy hols to everyone at The Flour Loft..

Michele xxx

Pipany said...

Oh you almost made me cry Ginny! I was truly useless when my older children each left their infant schools and blubbed like a fool; Lucy has one more year to go and Isabella hasn't even started, yet I was there with you every step of the way!

You have also got me hooked on Divine choc after reading about it in one of your earlier posts...hmmm. xx

raining sheep said...

So cute...lucky teacher. In Canada, school holidays start at the end of June...must be different in the U.K. Your little ones are growing up, changing schools is always such a big event.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny
My eldest has just moved from Junior school to middle and although he is really excited and an't wait it is me who feels sad...I suppose its the realisation that they are growing up and will soon be ready to fly the nest...Have a great summer break & I love your blog FAB rxxx

pebbledash said...

Hello Ginny, what a heartfelt post. I love the gifts your girls have put together. Lucky teachers! And let's be honest, everyone loves a bit of divine chocolate...! I hope you all enjoy your summer hols...time to explore, to be lazy, to create, to just be whatever you want it to be. And being together, which is so important. Happy days to you all. Love Diana xx ps have you seen Keri Smith has a new book coming out in the autumn? THere's a teaser link on her wish jar blog.

Sal said...

Well said!
I don't agree with testing either. I did the first ever lot of SATs with my 7 year olds and was dead against it then... and I still am.
Hope your summer is a good one!!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Is there any chocolate left?
I really enjoyed seeing your little girl sweing, sure if she can do it, maybe i can to...
Hope you have a lovely relaxed summer holiday!
kisses kisses

this is my patch said...

The girls have had a great start to their holiday with the lovely weather. Let's hope for more so they can spend lots of time outdoors. You must be so excited at the prospect of moving in to your workspace, although your youngest may have designs on it for her needlecrafting. Great presents for the teachers. The till operator must have thought you were a chocoholic when you put all those bars through! x

the flour loft said...

Hi Louise,
i am a chocoholic!!
x g