Saturday, April 21, 2007

Busy bees...

I have visiting bumblebees in my garden who have made a nest in my blue tit box. At first I thought they were honey bees but after chatting to a local bee keeper she reassured me that they were in fact small bumblebees. The bird box is in the eaves above the door to the outbuilding and if we forget to shut it carefully they give out an almighty hummmm ( a kind of collective pissed off buzz ). They are fascinating to watch during the day as they are constantly busy. I now fully understand the saying ' as busy as a bee'.

Alice has returned from her fortnight in the sun and, like my bees we have been very busy.
We have been finalising quantities of new stock to make for our forthcoming shows, including the Christmas ones! Crazy I know but as a very small business, organisation is the key (well so we hope).
As we make many different products its always hard to know which ones will do best at which shows. We tend to take more of our popular seasonal lines and a small selection of the others. Using recycled and salvaged fabrics means all our items vary so it's great to do fairs as visitors see this variety first hand. Stock is pretty low at the moment so next week we really must start sewing. I think some loud music should help. We have new neighbours in the studio above us and we have already warned them that when a song we love comes on the radio , the volume goes up and we dance around the room. Co co cabana is a tried and tested favourite! It's such a long song though that we get really knakered... but a nice cup of tea usually revives us.
Happy Weekend ( if anyone is reading this ) G


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moon said...

hi ginny
i just wrote a glorious bit of text only to have it declined/removed.
anyway saying how much i love looking at your blog, it is so simple and colourful and natural and real. love the photos which give a refreshing glimpse of nature and what inspires you.
good for you.
and i shall ponder when feeling in eed of something lovely and gentle.
with love