Thursday, April 26, 2007

A new neighbour for my bees?

What has happened to the bees?
Well they are still safe in my blue tit box after closing up the small entrance with fluff ( you can just see it in this funnily angled shot). Never knew they did this. Must be pretty cosy in there.

I saw something else late this afternoon when I returned home from the Flour Loft, which both fascinated and excited me. A robin who frequents our garden (am convinced it's the same one who visits each year) has been collecting moss and has been flying up near the blue tit box which is under the wisteria. Now, next to the tit box is a robin box and it rather looks like our sweet robin is making it's nest there... right next to the bumblebees! Hope they get along. Will try and get some better pics of our robin.. here is one i took .. you can just about make her out.

I gather she makes her nest all by herself, then after she has mated the mate hangs around and feeds her while she nurtures her brood. Will keep you posted.

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