Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last one is mine...!

Popped into to the studio to finish a few jobs and collect some sewing to bring home to do tonight.
common occurrence during the school hols... back and forth with full bags of works in progress resulting in piles of sewing taking over my dining room and Alice's cellar!

My 8 year old daughter ca
me in with me today whilst my youngest was at a party. We have 4 children between us. 2 girls for me and 2 boys for Alice. All 4 have grown up together since being babies and are great mates!

I have really enjoyed these Easter holidays being in full time mummy mode, although I must confess I am really looking forward to a full day at the studio... lots of ideas for new things to make.

We have done some lovely things this holiday, the most pleasing was watching my girls have great fun making these corn flake chocolate nests to fill with eggs. They did some with chicks in too for their friends. I remember making these with my mum when i was a child. We made a few batches over the week and have finished the last ones today.

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