Monday, April 23, 2007


This is a picture of Esther our pioneer doll. She used to have a mate called Zeb but unfortunately he is no longer around. There are some Zebs out there somewhere though. We only made a few... maybe one day we will be inspired to make him again. Esther nowadays is mainly made to order. She has been created in many different colours. My favourite being in soft lavender needle cord with a small lilac check blouse and bonnet. Almost kept her, but luckily I still see her now and again as she took up residence at my lovely friend Sarah's house.

Today has been a doll day.....
The Flora outfits have been stitched and her apron sewn. Just her clogs and hat to do now, then clothing her, adding the hair and embroidering her face. Quite a few processes to each of these sweet gardener dolls. We do love making them though.

Isadora is our fairy doll. She was originally made in plain coloured linens. Last Christmas we showcased a vintage and retro Isadora range, which proved really popular. We have been sourcing fabrics for these today and have 10 different fabrics ready to cut and make into dresses.

We also have a new doll which we are prototyping... we shall keep her a secret for the moment ... and if she works out we will post her later on. We are still musing over her name.
Speaking of names Cherry at pixie wood has opened up a competition asking for readers to name a bag... think I might have a go.
Cherry is the first person who has read this blog (other than my family) and made contact. Thanks so much, it made my Sunday!
Also check out her 'In the bag' on her food blog about creating a recipe from three pre chosen seasonal foods. A really great idea. I will be checking back for inspiration.


Jane said...

I love the idea of a gardener doll.
I get the feeling from reading your posts that you wonder whether there is anyone out there - if it is any help between 3 and 500 unique hits a day. On average I get 5-8 comments, I don't know who the other 492 people are - thank you for taking the time to comment today. Dahlias are fantastic flowers and very easy to grow - you can't give them soil that is too rich though so it you have some manure or compost chuck it on with abandon.
Small business blogs are my favourite,

Primrose Hill said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog, I run a small business from home too, as well as living the "good life" lots of animals and more to be added!
You should show us some photos of your workspace, it sounds fab!
Lisa :o)

cherry menlove said...

I love your doll and I love her name. Names are important and I think she looks very much like an Esther. I like the name the Flour Loft as well. It made me stay at your blog and have a look around.

I'm with Jane from SnapDragon, small business blogs are my fave too!!

Cherry xx

the flour loft said...

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. As I am still getting the hang of this i'm not sure how the best way to reply to your comments, whether to email, leave a comment on your blog or leave a response here. I think it'll be a combination for now.

Hi Jane, have left you a comment on your blog x

Lisa, hello. great to make contact with another small business and wow what an idyllic lifestyle you have. Will post some more pics of the studio soon. There is one picture on our first post which will give you an idea. Thanks for leaving a comment. x

and Cherry... Thanks for looking at our blog. Names do say so much. Am loving your bag naming and how we all are so passionate about names. You have an amazing name too. And your surname Menlove conjours up images of men serending you and falling at your feet. G x

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Ginny
I have just found your lovely blog. I shall be back to visit often. I adore your gardening dolly, perfect gift for a little country girl.
Victoria x

ferne said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and like it very much. Cherry also visited my blog and now lists me on hers. She is a very sweet person...I felt as though I was getting email from a movie star when she mailed me...I had visited her blogs and store so many times and admired her talent and pure love of her home. I'm glad others have found her too. This blogging stuff is very inspirational to me...I quilt, sew, crochet, garden and cook a little and am always looking for a new project! Like so many others I am finding out. Keep inspiring us!