Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Countdown ....days 2 and 1

Saturday.....Day 2 in the countdown
Van all packed and ready to go to the Palace!
Hampton Court Palace

Took wrong turning and ended up going in the main gate.... good photo opportunity though, before we turned the van around.

Finally found our stand space in the Country Living Pavillion. All stands are painted magnolia... but Alice seems to have found a mark on ours... we'll have to paint it! That's Alice's lovely man there doing a spot of painting.

There's me doing a spot of drilling ( which i rather enjoyed)

Closing up for the night.

Shelves put up ( old roofing boards from our local reclaimation yard),
Stand painted ( we had always intended to do this), and stock ready to put up on Day 0 (Monday). Don't you love our high visibility vests.. rather fetching we thought.

Driving out through the palace grounds deer park... we saw lots of deer with their young.

Arrived home at 5.30 ready to go to our local carnival. Alice and her man were in it with their boys school. My little one was in it ... complete with zebra costume. It was a very wet one but come rain or shine we brits just get on with it.. great fun.

Sunday.. day 1 A family day, with last minute bits and bobs to finish.

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