Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer time.....

Happy Summer sunshine to you. It has been glorious here in the South of England.. I hope it has been good wherever you are. A bit of sunshine is so good for the soul. I just adore closing my eyes and feeling the sun's warmth on my face. It makes me feel so alive .. it's like the sun re energises me. As promised i will show you some of the things we have made recently. These little pretties are our Summer bags made from linen combined with recycled fabrics and buttons. We made these for Hampton Court but due to the bad weather (rain, rain and more rain) we only sold a small amount of them. Now the sun is out again they kind of make sense and we are putting them into our Summer sale as we would like them to go to new owners before the weather goes pear shaped again. No... i am actually optimistic that this warmth will be here for a while especially as we're off camping soon!

This is a pretty rose floral which had originally been a skirt and jacket set brought whilst a thrifting. We have used the same fabric for a beautiful Isadora doll which was bought as a christening gift at HC. I so love the button on this one as it picks up the pale gold in the print.

This pretty floral fabric is another Liberty tana lawn. I just adore this print. We have a flower peg bag in the same fabric which i am secretly coveting ( not told Alice yet).

Oh i do have fun.. these photos were done with the self timer (hence slight blurriness as i wasn't there to focus on..if you know what i mean).. i think my neighbours must think i'm mad.. or just plain vain photographing myself all the time, as that's what it must look like from over the fence. I am actually trying to photograph the bags .. really.. ( which 'bag' as my husband delights in saying)! This cherry bag is really sweet. The fabric is a tana lawn. I love the richness of colours in this print and i often use it for the flower brooches as it combines so well with a variety of colours and textures.

This little strawberry is fun. It's a red, and white floral sprig and has a tiny bit of black in too. The button is an unusual black vintage one. These bags are lined with calico and have pockets on each side .. one large enough for a phone and two smaller ones for essential lipstick and hankerchief. The bag dimensions are approx 34cms across and depth (excluding straps) is about 24cms. We designed them for adults and had a bit of fun with the fruity applique motifs but they seem to be appreciated by any girl from about 10 and are great for teenagers. My two both want one ... probably as mum made them, although my 9 is getting more particular and the fact that she likes them is compliment indeed. Here she is modelling an apple one.

We have had lunch out today at the park.. lots of time playing and a girls shopping trip to buy a few new summer clothes for our hols. Always feel i should make them but never quite get around to it.. most of the items we bought were in the sales so i didn't feel quite so bad. I really only try to buy what we need although sometimes it's fun to have a treat. Also today my faith in human nature was restored. My parking had run over by 20 or so minutes... As we approached the car (panting... ) the parking attendent was just issuing a ticket.. I was prepared to pay as i knew i was late ( a hold up at the checkout).. but the lovely lovely man .. took pity on me and said if he could reverse it he would. He could and he did. I was astonished and very grateful. The girls and i then had a discussion about good karma and decided that when he got home that night his wife would have made him his favourite meal and pudding!
The 'Summer' bags are on our website although not put in the sale yet.. need hubby to update for me . They will be sold at £20 if anyone is interested just drop me an email.

Well done if you made it down to this bit.. i know i always make my posts too long.. can't seem to help it... am a bit of a rambler in real life too. Anyway....
Here's to another day when we have to wear our sunhats!


Jane said...

3 days sunshine and now it is pouring again!

I am going to huddle indoors, varnish basket handles and make some prototype Christmas stockings in this suitably dismal weather!

The bags are lovely,

We both seem to have cheeky husbands,


Alison said...

The sunshine is lovely isn't it.My computuer is right by a set of patio doors that I can open and the warm sun shines down on me:-)
I love the bags.
Alison x

French Knots said...

Doesn't the sunshine make everything better! It feels like summer at last.
How lovely to get a kind traffic warden, the ones round here would never do that, they like to give out tickets at 9pm!

Picture it in Stitches said...

Gorgeous bags !!! Enjoy the sunshine ! Sarah x

Tracy said...

Hello! This is my first visit here--your blog is lovely! LOVE your cheery, pretty bags! So glad you're enjoying some sunshine. Here in southern Norway we've not been having much of a summer either--must grab the sun while we can! Happy Days! :o)

Cherry Menlove said...

What delicious bags. And delicious models too!!! I agree with you, to feel the sun on your face is one of lifes greatest joys. Certainly when the poor fella has been hidden by clouds for weeks on end.

Cherry x

Victoria May Plum said...

Your girls are adorable, don't they make the perfect models?

The bags are really cute, so lovely and lightweight for sunny days

Victoria x

Gigibird said...

I like everyone else love the bag shape - would be great in corduroy for the winter?
Having your lovely in-house models is such an asset to your business:)

dottycookie said...

What beautiful bags - I love the shape and the way you've accented them with the floral fabrics. Just lovely.

I see you're from Alton - so are my in-laws! We were there only last weekend. A lovely part of the world!

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful, beautiful bags. I took a doubletake as I looked at the photo of your six year old she is the spitting image of my youngest!!! Lovely to feel the sun on our faces at last.
Kim x

tash said...

It does finally seem that Summer has arrived, though about time! I'm glad it's not as hot as it was last year, with the 30ÂșC+ days and hot, muggy nights.

Love the bags too - you're a very talented pair! I hope they sell like hot cakes :)

French Knots said...

I thought you might like to know I have nominated you for an award...the Nice Matters award. Check out my blog if you wish to participate:-)

Angelina said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, I came via French Knots. I absolutely love your bags.

Jane said...

Hi Ginny & Alice,
Still raining here! I have moved my blog and split it is 2 - the conversations bit is here http://snapdragongarden.typepad.com/snapdragons_chat/ could you update the link - thanks so much

Marie said...

Hi Ginny

Thanks for your lovely comments on my recent post. I appreciate your feedback. It was a good day in spite of the rain!

I love your bags - very summery and pretty. Their shape is great too.

Hope that the sunshine continues.

Marei x

Florence said...

I've only just discovered The Flour Loft after you left a message on my blog...and am so pleased that I now have - I've spent ages looking at all your beautiful things (and also your actual website...and then 'not on the highstreet' - what an evening of exciting new things!). The pictures on your blog are lovely - you look to have such an idyllic life - and how lucky to work with such a good friend!

These bags are utterly scrumptious - the colours and the shapes. I particularly love the strawberry one and the apple one.

Florence x

Florence said...

Oh, and I also meant to say how lovely it was to read that someone else has experienced the feeling of the whole camera in the garden paranoia...I can regularly be seen photographing small sewn offerings in our back garden and imagine the people next door commenting to one another on what a loon I must seem!