Thursday, July 05, 2007

Show week

Hi again...
I am shattered tonight (thurs) so will just keep it brief ( if i can)and post some stand photos.

Shed door with handmade handbag, garland and applique apple curtains.

Flora ( gardener) dolls in presentation boxes.

Handbags and cushions

Apple and strawberry t shirts

Lemon drizzle cake and wellies (ours as it has been so muddy).

Alice and me (i) on Wednesday ( Alice's birthday).
Happy Birthday Al!

Today (thursday) has been a great day and everyone who came on the stand was lovely. The weather was so much better which i feel put everyone in a more cheerful mood... that and lots of Pimms! My sister and aunt came on a coach trip from Alton (where our studio is) to the show today. It has been great for Alton as a local infant school won a prize for the best small garden. There is also a Hampshire garden 'Selbourneiseis' which was designed bya local woman... i loved it. Selbourne is a pretty village just outside Alton where naturalist Gilbert White lived.
I have taken some photos and will post them soon.
Off to bed early tonight. The show is open 10 till 7.30 so its a long old day..i need rest.
Thanks again for all the supportive comments. Much appreciated. I will spend next week catching up on all your lovely blogs.


Gigibird said...

I had no idea just what was hat comes off to you both:)

Ragged Roses said...

The stand looks wonderful, very inviting, I'm sure if I was visiting I would be buying a thing or two - congratulations to you both! Hope your hard work is paying off!
Kim x

Raindrops said...

Glad you are having a good day and still smiling after all your hard work. Tricia

Jane said...

Are they Alice's special edition bags on the shelf - the green one looks fabulous.

Glad you are having a great time. It is hailing here,


carolyn said...

Well Happy Birthday Alice I hope you both had a Pimms or two to celebrate!

janet clare said...

Glad it is all going so well for you and am sorry I couldn't get there to see it in the flesh!

Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday to Alice. Really pleased to hear it's going so well and the stand looks really lovely. Would love to have time to visit as Hampton Court is just down the road but time has not allowed it this year. Keep meaning to visit Selbourne and Gilbert White's house as I remember a feature on it on Blue Peter I think probably about 25 years ago(!) and as we pass up and down the A3 every weekend to our boat I see the brown sign off the roundabout on the A3. Must make time to go. Hope the rest of the show continues to be successful and the sun shines a bit more.

the flour loft said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. It was hard work at the show but good old Nick did make me a lovely supper and bought a bottle of fizz to celebrate! Was almost too tired to enjoy it though . . . . . almost!!

Jane they are indeed the funky handbags - only got 4 left but will be making more post show - watch this space.

I'm sure Gins will add comments but I've beaten her to it because she's still out collecting the girls.

Al x

Alison said...

Your stand looks fantastic. I wish I could get there and have a closer look!
Alison x

tash said...

Wow, what a set-up, it looks fantastic! Clever things! I hope you're enjoying it :) Happy Birthday to Alice!

ally said...

It all looks soooooooo wonderful!!!!!

Victoria May Plum said...

Wow everything looks so gorgeous. I love the whole applique fruit thing that you've got going on.
Victoria x

Suzie Sews said...

the stand looks just great, I would be parting with my pennies if I was there in person!!!
Suzie Sews