Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Darling buds

Here are some more photos of the Daily Mail's Darling buds of May feature garden;

Cottage garden.

Pig shed in the background.. complete with mum and piglets......

hungry piglets.

Traditional compost heap
( see side bar link for info on composting )

Lovely old morris van filled with produce from the veg plot.

Dahlias and lilies

the cutting garden.

Scene complete with garage and old Esso petrol pump..

and village shop with more overflowing flower beds.

I have still have some photos to share of other things from the show but will save them for now and let you enjoy the nostalgia.


Wild Rose said...

Oh Ginny,

It's lovely! Thanks for posting the photos. I'm overcome by a wave of nostalgia!

Marie x

the flour loft said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for your email it was so lovely to receive..this post was created with you and Alison in mind.. glad its taken you to a nice warm place.

carolyn said...

Wonderful garden, thanks for showing us this.

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Ginny
I know it's idyllic and nostalgic, but I love it!!! Thanks so much for showing the photos to us.
Kim x

Alison said...

I could be standing in my nan's garden!!!
It is lovely.
Alison x

Alison said...

Thank you for sharing these photos I don't get out and about as much as I use to (health reasons) so it is just great to see photos from people who have been to these events.
Thank you:-)
Alison x

Tracy said...

i am constantly amazed at the work that goes in to creating these gardens - thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures x
tracy x
p.s there is a huge thank you waiting for you both over at my blog!

Gigibird said...

I love your photos - wouldn't it be wonderful to step into a home and garden like that - but without having to do anything?

Tracy said...

It looks wonderful oh to have a garden like that.

Betty Jo said...

I adore your blog. Your photos are gorgeous. I've enjoyed my first visit ever so much. :)

Mary said...

Great photos Reminds me of when I was a little girl in Plymouth.

Raindrops said...

Lovely photos. oh to go back in time. Tricia

alice c said...

Hello Ginny,
I have just had a chance to read through your archives. I love your warm, friendly style and the sense of your business developing. I am so impressed that you manage to do so much in your 'spare' time - I would need a weekly trip to a recovery clinic not just a yoga class! Glad that the Hampton Court experience was so successful - you will have to build up your stock levels now for the next big project!
Enjoy your well earned 'time off' with the children.