Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pancake day !

Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan.
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake,
Catch it if you can.

Christina Rossetti

Hope you have enjoyed all your pancakes... i had great fun with the girls and between the 3 of us we ate 12... they were very small though and even though the first few fell apart we still gobbled those up too.

My favourite filling is sugar with sliced banana and chocolate.

What's yours?

I am off for a swim tonight to work off the indulgence...
I am not sure if i should give up chocolate for lent though as i was kind of hoping for a homemade daddy and girls chocolate cake for my birthday next week. err.... will have to think about that one!?



Florence (Flossie Teacakes) said...

What a fantastic pancake idea! We were slightly more conventional and stuck to maple syrup and icecream. My husband had to leave work early to come home and make the pancakes for us though...as pancake making is not an area where I excel and Shrove Tuesday has ended in tears more than once when left to my own devices! Hope you enjoy your swim. x

ginny said...

Hi Florence,
My man usually does the pancakes too as my pancaking skills are limited... although i did manage ok today... none of them perfect.. quite the opposite in fact .. but i am proud to say that i have mastered the 'tossing' and impressed the girls.

Raindrops said...

Now my favourite filling is Banana, Ice Cream and fresh cream. But on this day I always only have syrup. Tricia

ginny said...

Ooh tricia, That sounds like heaven. I have some batter left.. maybe i will make some for breakfast.

Kitty said...

Lovely chocolate button pancake! My daughter likes grated cheese in her pancakes, or traditional lemon and sugar, or jam, or lemon curd. As you can tell - she likes pancakes! x

Jane said...

My girls were all pancaked out after mega making sessions at school and brownies.
No staying power these modern children.
We have pancakes to celebrate all the hens coming back into lay - one or two are laying now but you could hardly say we have a glut.
Thanks so much for your considered and very helpful comment on my blog,

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh pancakes...we love them here at the 'Suzie Sews household'my favourite is lashings of chocolate sauce...but with lent it will have to be sugar and lemon...OH birthday cake...yummy!!!

willow said...

We missed pancakes because we weren't all home together so we are having ours tonight!
By the way when I used to give up chocolate for Lent, I decided that only pure chocolate counted so chocolate cake, hot chocolate etc would be OK because they are chocolate flavoured not actually chocolate - its a good rule don't you think?
I've just tagged you for a meme, the details are on my blog.

Clare said...

lemon and sugar!
Just discovered your blog through Florence's. Love reading it - so thanks for more inspriation than I now know what to do with.

Gigibird said...

Lemon and sugar. No contest.

I am always behind so we're be having ours next week:)

Living the Dream said...

Hi, I'm Hazel and mum to Clarabelle. It has to be sugar and lemon for me as well, though living in France, it wasn't in my diary and I missed it. Will have to do it later in the week though. I love them. Love your blog, came through from Clarabelles

Ragged Roses said...

I love pancakes. The only time I make them is on Pancake Day, M seems to reign supreme in the pancake making dept. I love maple syrup and lemon. My daughters love nutella on theirs.
My youngest says she's going to give up fruit and veg for Lent!!!!

ginny said...

The only reason you think you're no good at making pancakes is because as soon as you start them, you husband usually bustles in and takes over!!!!!
As you know we're a strictly lemon and sugar family but I am partial to a savoury one too.
Oh, and my advice re- the chocolate birthday cake is pester power - get the girls hassling Daddy!
Does it say anything about stirring in your pancake poem?
Love ya soon to be 40 year old...
Al x

Clare said...

Hi Ginny,
Thanks for the comments on my blog - always nice to welcome someone new (even though my blog is just starting).
I have now posted a picture of my new bag. Sadly I did not make it but do hope to try that sometime soon (although need some more lessons first).
C xxx

Anonymous said...

I like lemon and sugar, although always feel the raw sugar is a bit of a no-no - so if not maple syrup... and on wee pancakes butter and jam, or just butter. Yum. (perhaps I should be more adventurous - I love proper french crepe suzette! when it's brought flaming to the table!!)

Nonnie said...

No, don't give up chocolate! How could you miss out on a lovely home-made chocolate for your Birthday. Think of something a little easier.

Louise said...

We just love pancakes with lemon juice and sugar. I always swear after Shrove Tuesday that I will make pancakes more often, and never remember to, they are so easy to make too. I hope you enjoyed yours, we always fight over who is going to have the last one! x